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dream machine

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    Why won't this finish? 14 weeks of flower

    Heavyweight seeds dream machine under "600" watts of led, 14 weeks since 12/12, 11 weeks since first flower, 1 week into flush, I'm now thinking she might need to go longer. Am I right in thinking some of the trichomes look amber but most of the pistils still look white and she hasn't...
  2. J

    Any help gladly accepted!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to all this. It feels abit like the old bill (police) are going to kick my door down lol. I'm on my 2nd grow. well my first was autos. Iv got a small tent 2x2x4 with ten Dream machine with a 600w hps. one week in any help/advice would be kindly accepted.:thumb::420::thanks: