1. Stunned

    Blue Dream arriving soon

    Put an order in for 5 Blue Dream seeds from Seeds Also got 3 Northern Lights I'm so pumped to raise a Blue Dream
  2. rillos

    Blue Dream Scrog RDWC

  3. Icemann420

    Completed Iceman420 DWC Indoor Hydro Grow

    Welcome to icemann420's dwc grow using growers choice seed co. So we will b growing one tangerine dream and a critical purple.8Purchased 173 times this week. Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds are the auto-flowering version of an Amsterdam-born, sativa-dominant plant bred...
  4. Jackalope

    Strain vs Hybrid

    We all see this time and time again. Different companies carrying strains by the same name. I will use Blue Dream as a example. This is a hybrid of Super Silver Haze x Blueberry. Any cross of these strains in that order is Blue Dream. The thing that changes everything is which pheno's of each...
  5. Crashdog

    Crashdog's Flavor Train - DWC & A Couple Of Dewey's

    So after getting a vape last month and giving that a shot with 3 different strains I was very disappointed. They all tested different but none were enjoyable. So this grow I'm hoping to stick something in my vape that actually tastes good. 4 Strains: Strawberry Amnesia - Mostly Sativa...
  6. Cannatard

    Completed HSO Blue Dream & Lemon OG Haze By Ethos Collective In DBHBB By The Tard

    They just popped so ill be updating more later. I decided to journal this grow because I want a record of the LOGH. I've done the blue dream several times so I know what to expect with that one. Thanks for checking this one out :)
  7. Jackalope

    Solo cup day

    Well the fall season is starting to commence. No new plants for a while now. Can't wait to watch them grow. I'm planning on starting a grow journal this time. I know I said that last time too and didn't I lied lol. Here are the players in this line up. Tahoe OG, Cali Connection Super Lemon...
  8. fivethirty

    Recurring dream

    keep having a dream where i have this second outdoor grow that i keep forgetting about and neglecting. last night i woke up crying because in the dream i remembered about the second grow and went to look and they were all dried up and shriveled. maybe the 4th or 5th time this same dream happened
  9. Mr Sampson

    Completed First Grow, DWC, 4x4 Tent, 1000W Light

    Hello all! This is a continuation of a grow journal I started but had to delete my profile due to privacy concerns. With that being said this is my first time ever growing and I'm being taught by my neighbor "The Frizz". I started from seed back in the third week of March and currently in my 2nd...
  10. T

    Need Advice w Blue Dream Auto pics

    My auto blue dream has been growing since 3-13 which is now over 60+ days... and it still has white pistils it doesnt look close to being ready...any advice
  11. Beavis

    Completed Beavis Does Blue Dream In High Brix Soil

    Hey everyone, I hope y'all are having a fine Memorial Holiday weekend! :thumb: It's always nice to get an extra day off work! Cheers to all our Vets and those that have been lost! :bravo: I thought I'd kick up a journal now that the fireworks have begun in bloom stage. :slide: This...
  12. L

    Please help - Tobacco mosaic virus

    Ok so i have 15 plants 4 different strains and I think this is TMV, i have had these clones for a month and a half and they seem to be growing amazing. If anyone has had any experience with this please let me know if all iz lost. At first i thought it was just a nute def or a cal mag problem...
  13. M


    Hey guys this is my first post and i just wanted to talk a little bit about how marijuana helps me. Ive been researching how marijuana helps dystonia patients and other people who have movement disorders and they talk alot about how indicas help them. I got dystonia through black mold and...
  14. C

    Abandoned Tangerine Dream SCROG

    Thanks for stopping by! I've already got one journal following my rec grow, but I figured since I haven't seen a Tangerine Dream grow journal, (link me up if you know of one!) I figured I would make one for our indoor personal grow. Fox Farms ocean forest soil. they're in 1 gallon pots now...
  15. H

    Abandoned First Grow Journal: 6 x Blue Dream. 2 x LED

    What strain is it? Blue Dream clones from local vendor. Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Started veg on 1/11 Indoor or outdoor? Indoor. I have 70"x80" to work with, but the room itself is about 6'x12'. Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? FFOF If soil... What size pot? 4 gal...
  16. jamesleemc

    Blue Dream Haze Bonsai

    Well here is my 6 week old blue dream haze bonsai, I hope you all like going to see how big I can get it before it go's to bloom........:420:
  17. N

    Need advice from experienced grower! Space issue & preparing for flower

    Hi guys! I am growing blue dream and planning to attempt to do a Scrog. I am growing 4 clones in a 3by3by7.5ft area with a 400 watt HPS air cooled setup. 4 Blue Dream clones (definitely sativa dominant) 400 watt hps aircooled Blackgold Soil GH Biothrive grow feed Wanted to know...
  18. K

    Abandoned First Grow - 5x5 - 1000W Gavita DE - 10 Blue Dream - 2 Blackberry Kush

    Hey y'all 5x5 gorilla grow tent Gavita 500e series DE (400-1150w) 10x blue dream clones 2x blackberry kush clones Amended soil for blue dream 55% coco loco 20% perlite 10% peat 15% ewc 1# guano 12-0-0 1# bone meal 0-6-8 (7 Ca) 2# kelp meal 1-0-2 1# feather meal 10-0-0 1#...
  19. D

    Abandoned Dfbiii's Blue Dream & Northern Lights - Soil - 2016

    My First Journal Indoors: Small indoor grow boxes 1) converted freezer chest for vegetative stage 1.5’w x 3’h x 2’d - 1 125 Watt Blue CFL 1) converted standup closet for flowering stage 4’w x x4’h x 2’d - 1 200 Watt Red CFL Medium: FoxFarm Ocean Forest Nutrients: Budswell (quano Tea)...
  20. S

    Blue dream?

    Any of my grower friends growing blue dream ??
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