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    Detox drink reviews

    I had a drug test coming up so I quit smoking for about four months, except for one batty and one day I had a few cheba chews two months ago. I was confident I would pass my test as I wasn't smoking heavily before quitting and took two hits off a bong to celebrate a friends birthday after my...
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    Marijuana paired with Euphorix

    Hey Guys, I recently found out about this drink called Euphorix. It's supposed to be a good pair if you drink it before smoking. I just ordered some off their site. Has anyone tried it? feedback?
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    My weed stem adventure!

    Hey so I have been doing a lot of research lately about how my Mary Jane stems can be put to use. I could have cooked them into some butter, which would obviously work, but that would take a while and require some baking, so I decided to make tea out of the stems. THC has extremely low...
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