drip system

  1. Kidokush

    Abandoned Kido's Multi Spectrum Coco Grow

    Hi fellow grower and Readers This is not my first grow,but my first i will be documenting.i feel the is alot i can learn and there is always room for improvement. Setup 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 GT Hydro tent 8" extraction + 8" carbon filter 600w MH (dual spectrum) /HPS 180w Noca S4 LED NUTRIENTS...
  2. T

    Completed 4x4 Platinum Blue Dream Grow - Gorgeous Phenotype!

    Hello 420 Magazine, I am Starting my first grow journal so bare with me. I will be growing platinum blue dream. I got this blue dream phenotype from my work/collective and it is a favorite among patients. My last grow went 65 days turned on pretty well. So now to get to it. I have been vegging...
  3. B

    Need help with drip system!

    4x8 tent with 4x8 tray My drip system so far is, 55 Gal.tank 1/2HP sub. pump (to) 6 ft garden hose (to) 20PSI pressure reg. (to) in-line filter (to) 8ft of drip system hose with 27 1/4" one to two foot long drip line's At this point just 1/4" hoses to plants with no emitters 1)...
  4. S

    Completed My First Closet Hydro Setup, Round Three: Grapefruit

    Hey there 420 mag forum goers! A friend of mine showed me his grow journal on this site the other day and I was inspired to sign up and get one of my own going. This closet operation has been an ongoing project of mine for about ten months or so now. It has been my first experience with...
  5. MMRC Grower

    Abandoned Tims First Hydro Grow- Tons of Pics! -Need Help OG Kush, Lm Skunk, GWS, Church, PPP

    So here I am. I've been reading these grow journals for about a week now and decided to throw mine up here and see what kind of feedback I can get. I'll get straight to the point here. I am exactly 4 weeks into my first grow. Technically its my second, but the first one had to be harvest way...
  6. S

    drip vs.areo system

    Ok hydro pros Will a areo system with a detached reservoir have faster growth and higher yields than a drip system with a detached reservoir? Assuming that all the elements would be the same lights, medium, nutrients, etc.
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