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  1. D

    Water pressure problem

    Hello everyone. Im getting back into indoor gardening again after 5 years. Grew in coco once but in a slightly different setup. Going coco drip feed drain to waste this time around. I bought a 600 gph pump to pump the nutes up. I tried it out today and the emitters didnt do anything. Come to...
  2. Troy01

    Auto Drip Irrigation For CoCo

    I am documenting my first attempt at setting up an indoor drip irrigation system inside my 4 x 4 x 7 grow tent. All are welcome and no topic is restricted so join in and have some fun. :welcome: Supplies to be used (additions may be added as she comes to live). Drip Irrigation System for...
  3. T

    Drip Hydroponics Question

    I have a General Hydroponics Waterfarm grow kit. It is the kind that you use an air pump to push water up to a drip line to feed around the plant. My question: Do I leave the air pump on 24/7 or do I put it on a timer and have it on/off on a schedule?
  4. G

    Drip Feed Hydroponic

    It's a very simple design, yet I hope it will show me the results, I am looking for! This is my first day at Hydroponics. I've made a fair effort at studying the different types of systems! I am using Clay Pabbles and seedlings sits in rockwool. For the next few days I will be adjusting the...
  5. A

    Hydroponics Quesions

    hello everyone!:ciao: been following many posts and threads on this site but never got around to making an account until now Been doing lots of research and wanted a second opinion on a few questions of mine I recently built a RDWC Undercurrent system using 4; 5 Gallon buckets and a...
  6. gr865

    For veg - 315W CMH 3100 K bulb or CLW SS400 - 240 real W in veg

    5 plants been in 2 gallon Smart Pots about a week, coco, drip irrig, Which will give me the best veg? GR
  7. W

    Few questions about top feed drip hydro systems

    Hi all.. I would like to try hydro.. and i would like to use top feed drip system.. but i need to get some info about drip cycles.. may i run the drip system non stop or should i run it some minutes during the lights on? I planned to plant my seeds in to rock wool cubes after than put them...
  8. S

    Sammysnake's Grow V2.0

    Had trouble attracting very many followers the first time, hopefully some more peeps drop by.. :) Hello everyone! Made it through my first grow just barely, but managed to pull out a good 500g from 3 NL autos. Hope to take what I've learned from my first grow and apply it to v2. Here are...
  9. philly cheese

    Cheese's Hydro: Northern Lights Auto, Grow Journal 2016

    HYDRO GROW Strain - Northern Lights Autoflower Indica dominant Indoor 70% Indica, 20% Sativa 10% Ruderalis THC 15.08% CBD 0.9% CBN 0.3% # of Plants - 4 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - Veg Setup - top drip Light - 2x 300 w LED Ventilation: 2x fans cold air in, exhaust out the...
  10. F

    Would slow drip irrigation be better than watering every 8 hours in a 50/50 coco/per

    7 Gallon smart pots- Currently 6 plants 50/50 Coco/Perlite mix 4x4x7 Tent 600 Watt HPS Cool Tube Fox Farms Nutes- Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, Cha Ching,Beastie Bloom I just set up a 27 Gallon Reservoir with 2 air stones and 1/4 inch tubing with 4 Gallon per hour adjustable Drip...
  11. F

    Drip irrigation - Flooded the grow tent - Is there an easy fix to prevent this?

    I have a 15 gallop reservoir and I was attempting to water my Coco 75%/Coco25% six times a day using drip irrigation. As it is set up today, the plants will receive 1.5- 2 gallons of nutes everyday in total which will work well- at least I thought. I went down to check the plants today (...
  12. Croatsan

    To remove the drip or not?

    Hi all I'm running RDWC, second res is outside of the grow tent. This is where I keep the air pump and where I put frozen bottles to cool off the water. The roots of my plants have reached res bottom quite a while ago. In my previous grow, I've disconnected the pumps after three weeks. But...
  13. F

    Drip Irrigation - Does anyone use a drip irrigation system to water/feed their plants

    Okay, :Treat Coco grow like hydro" is what everyone is saying so it makes sense to me to set up some type of drip irrigation to save me time each day. I really don't have time to water 2-4 times a day so I would like to see what people have done to set up drip irrigation. I would like to...
  14. Rukus

    First Time Coco Grow - 400W HPS - Different Auto-Strains

    Hi everyone! At last I decided to start a new thread about my growing adventures. My setup is: 400W HPS Green Power 3 Air Pots x 20L 1 smartbagx15L Coco coir UGRO RHIZA BAC COCO for veg HESI COCO BLOOM for bloom Auto-dripping system made by myself Feeding them with tap water, adjusted to...
  15. Massdrop

    37% off Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer, 25% off Renegade Smith Drip Tip

    Hey Everyone, Massdrop is currently running buys on the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer (37% off - $149.99) Renegade Smith Drip Tip (25% off - $15.00) and the Flathead Fluid Fuel Tank (33% off - $27.00) Please PM me or email me if you have any questions! Thanks, Kunal...
  16. A

    Lighting Help Please!

    :Namaste: Would a 250watt mh and hps suffice for a 2x3x5 cabinet 2-4 plant hydro drip system
  17. flogger11

    In a Drip system how shallow can the plant portion be? How about the Res size?

    In a small grow with say four or five, 3-3 1/2 foot plants how deep does the main plant tray need to be? Six inches or so? Eight? I know in an Ebb and Flow a person uses a very shallow tray, is this the same for a top feed drip? How much would the res have to hold on a small personal grow...
  18. greenisland

    Greenislands 5 Gallon Hydro Drip System

    Hi everyone! So this is a journal I started to show everyone how you can make a 5 gallon hydroponic drip system. The 5 gallon ebb and gro "2 gallon C.A.P. upgrade" journal was pretty popular so I thought I would make this journal on how to convert that system into a drip...or just make a drip...
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