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  1. D

    Just germinated seedling with taproot fell to ground can it harm plant

    since i am a beginner at growing cannabis i worry too much about my seedlings also because they’re dro :p as i was moving my germinated seedlings into soil i accidentally dropped it in the floor but i washed it with water will this expose the plant to anything? also, once i planted the seedling...
  2. D

    Touched germinated taproot with tweezers, is this okay?

    i germinated a few dro seeds and the taproot came out as i was planting the seedling my tweezers accidentally touched the taproot. will this harm my root or plant? please help!! TIA
  3. O

    2nd Grow

    Doing some planning for an outdoor grow for the Spring. I recently finished my first grow. She popped out 41 grams which was very surprising to me, it being my 1st time. Most of my help coming from YOU (420 user). Salute to you I greatly appreciate it. As I stated, I'm prepping for the 2016...
  4. Master Chief

    Ways to tell dirt weed from dro?

    please fill me in, if you have any information for me.
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