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drooped leafs

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    Dropping Plants and Yellowing Tops

    Hello I have been having issues with my plants dropping.I recently switched over from veg to flower. While in veg everything was nice and perfect with all leaves reaching for the light and standing high. Now I am in week 2 of flower and all my plants have been dropping and all tops turning...
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    Unknown issue for me - newbie

    Frist ill try to give you some proper stats so you have a better idea and or possible solution. First Time Indoor grow (space 10x10) Strain London Fog Sativa - so they say. germ seed (6) 2 gal pots, nutrient rich potting soil temp 68F low and 75F high, 50 to 65% hum 40 days veg from...
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    Why are my 4th node leaves so bent?

    Why are my 4th set of leafs so bent ... All the other ones look normal but these are super curved at the end..... I know it could be over or under watering to I drilled some more holes in the bottom of the pot and I only water it when the soil is pretty much dry. I don't know if it's effecting...
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