drooping leaves

  1. Minutes After Feed

    Minutes After Feed

  2. Tayyar

    Drooping leaves, and it's probably not overwatering

    Hey 420 family. I'm back with my fourth grow, and I'm encountering some issues I'm trying to figure out. Here are the facts: Strain: OG Kush feminized Light: 240W LM301H Medium: Coco with 50% perlite in a 28 liter (6 gallon) air bucket Method of growing: Manifolding to 12 branches Time in veg...
  3. G

    Dying/wilted Autoflower

    Help☹️ My plant was literally fine 2 days ago. She was happy, beautiful everything was good. I watered last on the 27th but starting the 1st she’s been wilting and it’s only getting worse and worse.!! I have her tied to keep her standing up right today also. I haven’t changed anything. Keeping...
  4. D

    Purple stems droopy leaves

    Hey guys this here’s my first grow attempt running 2 dual spectrum 130w cfls and 1 veg spectrum 200w cfl. 4 inch inline pulling out thru filter. 5inch booster bringing in. I have also placed a humidifier in the tent as my lights on RH is about 30-35. Rh hits 60+ when humidifier on and intake off...
  5. CanadianBacon92

    Pineapple Chunk is drooping after transplant

    Ok so I transplanted my pineapple chunk seedling into a 3 gallons pot, My medium is Pro-Mix premium potting mix I watered it around the edges, the top leaves are starting to peel back up a bit, but the bottom leaves arnt, will she survive!?
  6. B

    Am I overwatering? Or is the soil?

    I’m currently trying to grow two plants and they seem to be growing well, on day 15, lower leaves have slight yellowing and leaves are always dropping a bit. I will wait 2-3 days between watering and make sure the pot is light and the soil is dry an inch or two down this time I even checked the...
  7. B

    Please help!

    Hi first time grower here looking for some help... almost overnight a couple leaves on 2/4 plants look like this. Any ideas?
  8. moderngroroom

    Droopy leaves? Help please

    strain-2 critical purple 2 northern lights critical purple-90%indica 10% ruderalis northern lights-80%indica/ 10% sativa/ 10% ruderalis phase - flower phase - 1 week indoor grow soil- fox farm ocean forest pots -3 gallons inline fan temps - 77/81 depending on daytime temps they jump around...
  9. P

    Hi first post - First thread! General early veg questions - Drooping leaves

    Hi, first post here! I just wanted to start with a general question because that's really all I have at the moment. I have two strains going at the moment, week 3 or so of veg. One is OG Kush, the other is some killer bag seed that I cloned and also she made seeds for me... But this is the...
  10. S

    Drooping Seedlings

    I'm new to growing and just started by germinating 5 AK-47 auto flower seeds. They all sprouted a root, too my surprise, and I planted them in small 2"x 2" fiber seed pots. They grew fairly well with the two seed leaves coming out and then the 4 usual leaves. They dried out fairly fast so...
  11. I

    can someone tell me why my leaves are drooping?

    This is my first grow, aside from just tossing seeds outside and seeing what happens. I am growing indoors with coco coir. I water with distilled water every 1-2 days. I'm using cfl's (4 45 watts and 2 15 watts). I supplement them with sun light as much as I can. At least every day. I currently...
  12. 4

    Drooping plant? Nervous first-timer!

    Ok so honestly I am probably over analyzing but hey, it's my baby! I'm sure y'all understand I watered her yesterday, it got over ten hours of direct sunlight and is planted in good soil outside. Today the leaves seemed kinda droopy, especially in the middle sections where I have a few...
  13. D

    dropping lower leaves

    So my lil lady is two lighters talk an a lighter in a half wide at 2 months. There's alot of gnats in there so i'm wondering if that's the reason cause I barely feed any nutes an I mainly try to let the rain water her. So i'm kinda back on the gnats. Please help this is my first time.
  14. S

    Plant health question

    My plant has recently been showing signs of fatigue? Its on a 16hrs/8hrs day cycle and the plant starts to droop and look under-watered, I'm just wondering why it would do this and how would I fix it?
  15. JulietDionne

    Help a first timer out!

    Up until yesterday afternoon, I had three extremely healthy, organically grown plants in the vegetative state. They are on a 24hr light cycle right now in a well ventilated space with a light breezy fan. At around 7am, yesterday I watered all three (I use a spray bottle so as to not over-water...
  16. 4

    Too much water?

    Feel bad posting but I tried to look around and I'm uncertain if I've over watered or not... She's been like this going on the 2nd day now and this started after giving her water early yesterday morning. I can take more pictures upon request. She looked really good before I watered just starting...
  17. luvsmokinweed

    Help! What's Wrong With My Plant?

    HELP!:helpsmilie:... Its been about three days now and she has been really droopy!!! I have been holding back on watering to see if it was overwatering, but I've noticed no change!!:confused: Also, I've noticed yellow spots on the leaves about a week ago and its gotte a little worse!! Can anyone...
  18. K

    First Time Grow: Pics & Questions

    First attempt at cultivating some erb. A friend of mine, who has grown before, supplied me with a plant. He's been out of touch for a couple days so my questions have went unanswered. Now I'm here. I believe him saying the plant was around 4-5 weeks, but I have no clue. Maybe you can tell from...
  19. D

    Abandoned Dr.GreenTumbs indoor Soil Barneys Bluecheese First Grow -2010

    Hi all, thanks for dropping by. This is my first attempt at an indoor grow after having some success with an outdoor grow during the summer months. I've started this journal for some help and advice through out the grow cause i've been reading this forum for some months and i no that alot of...
  20. 420chris69

    Switched room and Leaves drooping,HELP

    So i had my mother under a 24 hour cycle under blue and red LED's in a closet, the temp was about 73 and the humidity was about 26%. It was doing great, i then finished setting up my flowering room in my garage with a 1000 watt switchable ballast running the MH, i decided to put my mother down...
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