droopy plant

  1. N

    Plants are drooping

    Hi everybody, I am currently growing 2 photoperiod plants, my medium is coco with some perlite. The first 2 feedings i used synthetic nutrients because i still had some left, but now I want to switch to a complete organic regiment. I flushed the two plants with water ph'ed to 6.2, and that is...
  2. spiritwave7

    Sprout Completely Drooped - Please Help

    Hello. I bought a micro-grow case from pcgrowcase.com, so I've been following their instructions, which are sadly only in the form of customer support (no manual). Here is their reply that I received prior to germination: "Included with your box will be two rock wool cubes. You will...
  3. BSGPa

    Is This Alright

    Hello Everyone, This is my first grow, and i might have a problem. My plants broke soil on 12/15/08, so that would make them 35 days today. Well I transplanted them to 5 gallon buckets on 16th(about 3 days ago). They both were doing great. Now my one got real droopy, and being a parent...
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