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  1. incogn1to

    First grow: seedling with droopy leaves and purple stems

    This is my first grow, I did a fair amount of research but I wasn't prepared for this. The seedlings are ~7 days from germination, 5 days from being put into their pots. Yesterday and today the first set of serrated leaves have started drooping and it almost looks like DD, as well as the Cheese...
  2. vyserage

    Help! Overnight I had a huge change in plant health!

    So my plants were super droopy yesterday at 8pm and i watered them with water ph'd at 6.5 and half dose of calmag. Checked on them a few minutes ago and there is WAY too much yellowing going on! Is this caused because of consecutive droopy underwatering? I know i've underwatered many times to...
  3. Why Doe

    She's droopy - Normal? Help?

    So I can't really figure out what this is if it's actually a problem at all. Over watering and under watering look the same. I don't water until the first inch or 2 are dry. So I don't think its overwatering. Temps stay below 80 and humidity is around 40-50% with fresh air coming into the tent...
  4. M

    Seedlings look droopy

    yo guys i need some help please. are they droopy and too small for 3 weeks? i should have planted them in coco but i got excited lol
  5. B

    Droopy leaves not caused by under or over watering?

    Ok, first grow going pretty well but I would like it to go even better with your help. Leaves look healthy but a little droopy for my liking. Heres the info: Grape Kush 38 days from germination Coco perlite mix 75 degrees 60% Humidity Lucas Formula nutes Floro Nova Bloom Cal Mag Mars...
  6. B

    Yellow Spots on leaves - Droopy plant yet explosive root growth?

    Hey guys, Here's my setup. I'm doing an indoor grow in the BC NorthernLights BloomBox. (2 chambered box, controls lights watering etc.) It's a hydro setup with a DWC with airstones and a top feed dripper system. The medium is clay pellets. The two biggest plants are chemdawg from seeds...
  7. xave420

    Help - Woke up this morning and plants were very droopy

    hey guys, I got up this morning and my 2 plants didn't look too good very droopy. I fed the night before, but it did get cold overnight , could this have caused this?
  8. ptk2k

    Why are my plant's leaves droopy? Not a watering issue

    hey all. i've got a purple bud lady, about a month and a half into veg. for the first time some of the leaves are really droopy. droopy like they're underwatered. flappy and not stiff. most of the floppiness is near the bottom/on leaves that aren't getting much light. however, all her sisters'...
  9. S

    Why do buds lose density upon chopping?

    In the past, every time i've grown I will grow out some rockhard yummy nugs, yet within 24 hours of chop the whole bud is droopy and not concrete hard like it was prechop. I assume this has to do with the bud "wilting" and losing moisture and a good dry/cure is what get's this to return? Please...
  10. D

    Please Help! First Grow - Droopy Thin Mints

    Some of my ladies aren't looking so healthy anymore. Grow Journal The thin mints all seem to have stopped growing and look very droopy ever since uppotting. Any advice? This is one of my bag seeds that appears the healthiest of all my ladies.
  11. T

    Need Help! Seedlings acting funky

    Hi guys, been lurking the forums for a while now but this is my first actual post. Second grow attempt, first one was a massively under researched failure. This time around I've actually taken the time to read the necessary information and invested the time in a "proper" set up. I have 5 random...
  12. captainhowdy

    Please help! Droopy canoe shaped taco leaves

    View image in gallery About three weeks into Veg my girls are drooping and folding up and inward like a taco or canoe. What's wrong with them? They're in soil under a 400 w metal halide bulb. I recently began to feed them general hydroponics flora nutes.
  13. M

    Bottom leaves turning yellow and plant is droopy

    The lower leaves on my plant is turning yellow and it's kinda droopy... It has proper drainage and the soil gets dry sometimes.. I'm not sure what the problem is
  14. P

    New sprouts droopy and curled

    Hi guys so my new sprouts are growing tall now about 2 inches tall :) and a nice green colour I'm growing them in jiffy/peat pellets in a humidity dome under a 300 watt cfl they have opened up there first set of leaves but some of them are droopy pointing down and curled up a bit any one know...
  15. A

    Is my plant overwatered - Or is there something else?

    Hey guys, This is my very first post. I already posted this somewhere else, but I'd like more opinions, since you guys seem to be more active. I'm completely new to growing & I've never done this before. It's rather a test, which is why I didn't even spend 1$ at first, but 75$ for a 300W LED...
  16. J

    I could use some advice

    Hello friends. I am new here. I just started growing for my own personal use. Starting off with 2 baby plants grown from seeds. Cali Gold feminized. They popped through the soil 5 days ago and having been growing so quickly. I am excited, but nervous about screwing this up. I have...
  17. H

    Droopy and Shrivled Northern Lights

    I'm a first time grower and my plants are growing quite fast. But they just dont seem great. They dont seem like they're dying but, not very healthy either. I grow in soil under a nice lamp in a confined space. This leaf is a bit droopy. Small yellow spots on the leaves and leaves a...
  18. LEDman

    Drooping Leaves Galore / pix

    MediBud, sixth week since germination, soil, two of nine plants have drooping leaves. Room temp is 21-23° C, RH is ~45-50%. Soil is pro-mix with an additional 20% perlite, I water about every third day and only when the pot is bone-dry and feels as light as a dry one. Overwatering is not the...
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