1. M

    Dropping Plants and Yellowing Tops

    Hello I have been having issues with my plants dropping.I recently switched over from veg to flower. While in veg everything was nice and perfect with all leaves reaching for the light and standing high. Now I am in week 2 of flower and all my plants have been dropping and all tops turning...
  2. counting12345

    Dropping by

    dropping by to say hello. finally i'm in. read a couple of threads and im learning a lot already. i love to write and this place is gold. :thumb:
  3. B

    1st Grow - One Month In - Pics - A Couple Questions & Concerns

    2 plants, about 1 month age, both in single 5g dwc buckets. 1 300w led lamp for each plant, about 20 inches high. water (well water) temps 70-74, tent temps 74-76 (much cooler at night), seedling strength nutes, adv. nutrients basic 3. I'm adjusting ph to 5.8 every morning. They've taken off...
  4. J

    Help! Ppm's dropping a lot between res change

    2 five gallon buckets with 2 monstrous ladies 1 five gallon bucket is res that is cooled by sitting inside a refrigerator and working very well. My issue if it is one, is that in my 5th week of flower I have 1200ppm starting at res change which I do every 9 to 10 days. By mid res schedule my...
  5. A

    Why are my seedlings wilting? Photos attached

    Hi, I know my seedlings is too tall, I done some mistakes before, but I have another problem... Everything was good till yesterday. Yesterday in the morning I saw the leaves are going down, I bought a moisture meter and it showed that the soil is dry, and I watered up to scale 7. After...
  6. M

    Black Bud Tips

    Any info on black material at the tips of buds? Looks to be the outside of some calyx... the temps at night are dropping to 5C or 40F
  7. B

    Leaves Drop After Irrigation

    SOIL GROW Strain - White Widow (Nirvana Seeds) # of Plants -5 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flowering Bucket Size - 6.5 Liter (about 2 gallons) Lights - (1) 250W CFL Elektrox Dual spectrum Nutrients - BioBizz Product Line Medium - BioBizz Light Mix RH - 35% to 45% Room Temperature...
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