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    Quest Diagnostics Pre-Employment Test Help, A Few Questions

    Hey, all. I have a Quest Diagnostics pre-employment drug test for a very important position coming up. I received the chain of custody form in the mail today, and I plan to schedule the test for probably this Friday(3/5) or Saturday(3/6). I last smoked on Saturday 2/20. I smoke 3-4 times a week...
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    Body heat without the bottle touching?

    If you have someone who has is willing to pee for you and they do so say 15 minutes before the test, to keep it at temp would the bottle actually need to be touching your skin? I ask because I have a pair of underwear that are designed to carry things like this. There is a pocket in the front...
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    Had to dilute pee that my brother gave me to beat drug test - Will it damage results?

    There wasn't enough time for him to squeeze out more, I was already running late to the drug screening. He only gave me about a couple ounces... BUT, I should mention my brother drinks absolutely no water (he refuses to, he's autistic and it's just one of his odd characteristics) when I first...
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    Help/input needed on my failed test! Trying to re-do cheating a drug test as a female

    Tomorrow I redo a drug test that I took on Monday. On Monday they refused "my" urine because the temperature wasn't warm enough... I was the last person in and they'd already stayed open later just so I could get my sample in, so they were closing and didn't make me stay and try to pee for them...
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    Drug test coming up soon - Need opinions

    I am going in for another interview today for a job. I am most likely to get it. I would assume that I should have to take a drug test in the next couple days. I don't know if I should be worried or not about it, but I figured I'd ask the people who probably have the most experience. It's been a...
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