drug test one week

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    Drug test in a week

    Hey guys! I am confident in my method of "detox". I have a test coming in on the 11th of July. I smoke about 1g\2gs a day for 5 years and have been CLEAN for 30 days. I am wondering wehere i stand with Specific Gravity and Cr levels. I am 6'1 roughly 215\225 I have been using Metamucil for...
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    Drug test in 2 days - Help - I'm diluting

    Helloo I am a female 5ft 8 and 103 lbs with a very fast metabolism. I smoke almost every day with a few friends (decent sized blunt between 2/3ish of us) and sometimes a dime by myself before bed but I rarely smoke more than once a day and ive been burning for about a solid year straight. I have...
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    Pre-Employment Test in 6 Days! Advice for a Newb

    First Post. I was informed yesterday that before I start a new job that I need to have a drug test, which I believe is a urine test based on the paperwork I received. I believe I can have the test done on Thursday 2/20 so the results will be done before I start but that's the last day I could...
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