drug test passing

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    I Had A 9-Panel Non-DOT Drug Test Today - Do You Think I Passed?

    I could use a little reassurance, because I'm freaking out, haha! I have never smoked in my entire life until last month. I smoked four times from a bong (a couple small hits each time), separated by 7 days in between each session. It was also shitty weed (I was told this by people who smoke it...
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    Help/input needed on my failed test! Trying to re-do cheating a drug test as a female

    Tomorrow I redo a drug test that I took on Monday. On Monday they refused "my" urine because the temperature wasn't warm enough... I was the last person in and they'd already stayed open later just so I could get my sample in, so they were closing and didn't make me stay and try to pee for them...
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    Drug test coming up soon - Need opinions

    I am going in for another interview today for a job. I am most likely to get it. I would assume that I should have to take a drug test in the next couple days. I don't know if I should be worried or not about it, but I figured I'd ask the people who probably have the most experience. It's been a...
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