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drug test tips

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    Body heat without the bottle touching?

    If you have someone who has is willing to pee for you and they do so say 15 minutes before the test, to keep it at temp would the bottle actually need to be touching your skin? I ask because I have a pair of underwear that are designed to carry things like this. There is a pocket in the front...
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    Help/input needed on my failed test! Trying to re-do cheating a drug test as a female

    Tomorrow I redo a drug test that I took on Monday. On Monday they refused "my" urine because the temperature wasn't warm enough... I was the last person in and they'd already stayed open later just so I could get my sample in, so they were closing and didn't make me stay and try to pee for them...
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    Drug test in 2 days - Help - I'm diluting

    Helloo I am a female 5ft 8 and 103 lbs with a very fast metabolism. I smoke almost every day with a few friends (decent sized blunt between 2/3ish of us) and sometimes a dime by myself before bed but I rarely smoke more than once a day and ive been burning for about a solid year straight. I have...
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    Need Help From Seasoned Smokers

    Hello Everyone, So this is my first time posting, but I have frequented the forums for quite some time now. First let me begin with my current situation and what I am trying to achieve. I was caught with a pipe in Arizona (where I live) and ordered to take 36 hours of "Dynamic Living" classes...
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    I cant believe I passed my drug test

    Ok so here it is, I can't guarantee this will work for you since we are all different but I passed my drug test after exactly seven. That's right SEVEN days of smoking pot. No I did not use someone's urine and no I didn't use some fancy detox kit. Just some general info I'm a pretty tall guy...
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    How can I pass a drug test?

    I smoked about 3 to 4 times a week for about 6 weeks until quit for a month to try and get a job. unfortunately I had a tough time finding a job because the economy sucks and or I am very bad at finding a job so I decided to smoke again. Remarkably I have found a job and I will be drug tested in...
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    Marijuana drill instructor?!

    New to the forum so first off HIGH! anyway... I have a DOT Physical which includes a urine test. I have 45 days to prepare. I stopped smoking 2 days ago and I was hoping I could find some coaching here on the forums. I smoked at most about 2 - 3 times per week for the last couple...
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    Drug test Help

    Hi i got a ticket for possession and have to have a drug test done(drug urinalysis). I have not smoked since Monday night and my test is on Friday which means I have three full days to not smoke. My friend told me that he has had many drug tests and passed them all just by diluting his pee. He...
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