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  1. stinkerbell

    Stat Flush: Will it work for me?

    Hi! I have a drug test on the 7th at 4:30 (so about 4 days from making this post). I went to the local smoke shop to pick me up some detox drinks or pills. I did dabs daily, but I haven't smoked in 30 days. My system just isn't clean yet. I came home with the Stat! Flush 5 capsule bottle. I am...
  2. C

    Using Female Urine for a Quest 9 Panel with Nitrite test for a dude?

    Hi, have to do a 9 Panel UA with nitrite testing at Quest. Trying to figure out if I am going to use the wife's urine (she is clean and not pregnant) or QF 6.3 or Sub Solution. Recommendations please!
  3. Y

    Please help! Pre-employment drug screening vs drug confirmation

    Does anyone know if pre-employment tests are done via screening or confirmation? It is done via crimcheck background check services. So not sure if which drug test they have ordered. I read that both have a different cut-off rate. Screening is 50 ng/ml vs confirmation is 15 ng/ml. I have been...
  4. M

    First Pre-Employment Drug Test! Help plz!

    Hi all! So I am going to have a drug test soon, sometime next week possibly. It is for my first job and all that is left to do is the background check and drug testing. I believe the test will be a urine test. The last time I smoked was Friday (1/31/14). On Saturday (2/1/14) I was around...
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