drug tests

  1. Smoky da bear

    What's up - You won't believe this

    So, I decided last year that I would get a commercial drivers licence and to be safest of all of have to stop smoking. Its now been 126 days since I last smoked and I'm still pissing hot. Yup you read that right. November 26 2016 was the last time I partook. I was smoking a lot and very good...
  2. A

    Need Help From Seasoned Smokers

    Hello Everyone, So this is my first time posting, but I have frequented the forums for quite some time now. First let me begin with my current situation and what I am trying to achieve. I was caught with a pipe in Arizona (where I live) and ordered to take 36 hours of "Dynamic Living" classes...
  3. M

    More information about niacin

    So let me first say please don't tell me that using niacin pills to pass a drug test doesnt work because i know it does i have numerous friends that use it to pass drug tests all the time. my situation is im gonna be randomly drug tested several times a month for the next three months and i...
  4. B

    Urine screen Passed, my two cents

    Dear fellow smokers I recently had to pass an instant urine drug screening due to a job application as a railway signal maintainer. Now there is an awful lot of information on the internet about this topic but i thought i would share my personal experience, if it helps one other person...
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