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dry buds

  1. B

    Dry tent set up

    So I know this question may have been asked and asnwered a million times but none of what I seen is a concrete answer for me(newbie always trying to learn). So I'm about 3 weeks give or take a few days away from harvest and dont know how to exactly set up my grow tent as a dry tent. I know I'm...
  2. G

    Biggest colas seem almost dead/sick - Help!

    I have come to look after my bros plants and am completely inexperienced in all areas of growing! Not only that he seems to have left me without any of the tools required to troubleshoot! Im ordering a pH meter and a ppm meter tonight, how important is quality here? Cos Im seriously skint and...
  3. I


    hey guys i just starded to dry some bud yesturday an today they are feeling really soft/spongy is this correct
  4. jinn

    Jinn's drying bin

    Hey guys, thought I'd post my drying box. I'm not really the patient hand holding type, and this is pretty simple so lets get started! this is my bin. 36x20x19(lxwxh) here is the 4" vent, with removable grate (for ona block) This is an overview of my popcorn tray, the hanging...
  5. N

    Dry Buds. Help!

    Hi, I need some advice, quickly! I harvested four days ago and placed branches in paper bags. I rotated them twice per day and was going to finish trimming and put in jars but they dried really quick this time and are brittle. How can I re-moisten them? :thankyou:
  6. S

    Over Dry Buds

    I have around 6 oz of "Snow White" buds left from my last harvest but they have been in a paper bag since the harvest which has been about 12 weeks ago now, they are very dry and I was hopeing to get some advise as to how I might get a little moisture back into them so they wouldn't just fall...
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