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  1. vapingfans

    Davinci MIQRO & IQ: Bubbler & Adapter Review, Water Attachment

    Davinci MIQRO & IQ - Bubbler / Adapter Review -Water Attachment vapingfans team has released new Davinci MIQRO IQ water attachment . check below youtube review video.. thanks..
  2. vapingfans

    Vaping Fans: Pax2 Pax3 Vaporizer Adapter Water Bubbler Accessories

    Pax2 Pax3 Vaporizer Adapter Water Bubbler -Accessories ,, these was very useful for cool down your vapor...
  3. vapingfans

    Healthy Rips Fury2 Vaporizer Glass Adapter Glass Mothpiece Glass Bubbler 3D Flow Booster

    Fury2 was good vaporizer very small in size and very popular in USA. as well as their water tool attachement. now all avaiable in vapingfans store/// Fury2 clear glass mouthpiece Fury2 50% Black glass mouthpiece Fury2 Universial Adapter Fury2 Glass Bubbler Fury2 3D flow booster ...... The 3D...
  4. vapingfans

    VapingFans -Vaporizer Glass Accessories Specialist ! -Introduction

    Vapingfans is the world's first professional vaporizer glass accessories factory, we are committed to offering customers to get a better smoking experience, five years, we design and develop a variety of vaporizer accessories, such as mighty adapter, mighty glass mouthpiece, mighty...
  5. A

    How to use a dry herb vaporizer pen

    Learn how to fill and use your dry herb vaporizer smoking steps as follows: Steps 1: Choose the fresh dry herbs(weed), ensure it's not get mildewed, high quality herbs can give you more pure vapor. Steps 2: Use a grinder to break down herbs/weed, you can use small plastic herb grinder...
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