dry ice

  1. SweetSue

    Super-Cooled QWET Wash For Cannabis Extraction Using Dry Ice

    Just a little something I found last year and finally got presentable. Enjoy. :4: Super-Cooled Dry-Ice Cannabis Extraction July 27, 2016 SUPER-COOLED QWET WASH FOR CANNABIS EXTRACTION USING DRY ICE Making a great smokeable cannabis concentrate yourself at home, with good color, great taste...
  2. P

    Prepping cuttings for use in the dry ice method of making hash

    Our plants are near harvest and we are going to have a load of cuttings. I have the bubble bags and want to make hash, and from what I have read using the dry ice method is pretty darn effective. My question is, after all the cuttings dry out for a day or two, should I grind them up in a...
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