1. hazeluv69

    Drying humdity 45%

    I am in my drying stage. It started off around 50ish and now it is on 45s day 4 into dry. Is this okay? Is 45% RH good enough? I can feel the budds getting dry but not crispy, the stalks are not snapping yet. Any advice would be ideal! The sugar leaves are dry and crisping off but the bud is...
  2. hazeluv69

    Dry herb trimmer bags?

    Anyone had experience with cheaper drugs herb trimmer bags? Do they work? Have a lot of budd and not enough man power to get it done. Found one on amazon for £60. What does the water content have to be? Really dry? Anyone had any experience ?
  3. H

    Drying seedling leaves

    Hello everyone! My seedling's leaves are drying and I don't know why. It is a bag seed,unknown strain.Previously last year I grew a bag seed which happened to be a female.But I remember that when that plant was at this age,that didn't have anykind of leaf drying problems. It is at day 25 from...
  4. A

    Help with quick drying

    Hey people. I know you probably seen this post many times before. Here is my situation, I'm in New Zealand and we are out of lockdown tomorrow. I will be travelling by foot (hiking long distances). I got this buds as emergency yesterday. Clearly not dry/cured. Don't have the great smell that...
  5. B

    Crazy vape

    I just received my Grenco Elite. I bought it for 20 freaking bucks, brand spanking new. It's authentic. Check Wish for vapes. Delivery time is long, and there are fakes out there, so be careful. I can't wait til my harvest is dry!
  6. IndyRacerNick

    Cure going bad on day 1?

    Hello everyone, This is the 3rd plant I have done now since spring, and I have a question regarding the dry and cure The first 2 plants dried in about 3 days, no light, no fans, airflow, no direct air, but humidity was low @ 30%~ When I put into jars there were NO moisture. Very dry buds...
  7. T

    Hot dry climate growing - Need suggestions

    Question for experienced hot dry climate growers. I am looking for seeds to grow outdoors for next season. Looking for suggestions on seeds that do well in hot climate and tips on growing. I did okay this harvest. Only problem was some of my buds were dry and airy, i had a lot of flowers. Our...
  8. L

    Curing buds and still sticky

    Hey everyone, I grew some skunk number one, all went well and I harvesters her Sunday 24th of September's and hung my buds to dry. I let them dry until today. They don't seem wet,not damp and not really dry either if that makes sense but they are sticky, I've put them in mason jars to...
  9. R

    Sick plant

    Hi all, My new indoor is looking sad, leafs are dark ,burnt and dry :/.. in need for advice Thanks
  10. dauzer

    Mold on buds - Will it spread?

    Hey, Just finished a crop of Incredible Bulk. I had some humidity issues during flowering and ended up with some mold on my main colas. When i was trimming the plants i done my best to remove all the buds and stems with mold, from what i could see i got it all until 2 days into drying. I...
  11. B

    Problems drying & curing my bud

    Hello! I am having issues drying/curing my buds. I harvested tuesday 1/8, let them hang dry for pretty much 3 days 12hrs, they felt dry to the touch. I decided to only let them hang for 3 days 12hrs due to lower humudity + size of the plants. I rolled up a joint that day with the hang dried herb...
  12. A

    soft airy buds .. help dry/curing

    ok so i hung dry trimmed buds for 5 days at 60-70 degrees , 45-70 humidity in a cardboard dry box .. buds felt dry and crispy on the outside thou the stems did not snap .. last grow i over dried and could not get a decent cure waiting to stems to snap so i did not go that far ... i put them in...
  13. M

    Dry brittle leaves

    They do fine when moved to tent but I can't get them to keep from being so dry. I'm veging in a 2x2x4 solid white box I built. Has exhaust fan plus a 6inch fan for circulation. Lights stay at least 20in from plants. Leaves become dry n brittle then turn a dark brown way can I do?
  14. dawook4420

    Tips for harvesting and drying

    I'm getting ready to harvest my first grow in a few days ... HOORAY!!! I read the 420 tutorial on curing but I still have some questions and am looking for advice. So I'm growing in 3 gal air pots and I've been giving nothing but water and molasses for the last two weeks. On the...
  15. G

    Dry Trimming Harvest

    Has anyone tried Tom's tumble trimmer? I just saw it on Instagram and I'm thinking about grabbing one
  16. D

    The Kind Pen's TruVaMini+ Dry Herb Vape Pen - A Review By Doc Bud

    This review progressed in an unusual manner. My first vape of the day was to review this dry herb pen and I'll admit I was just slightly off in my mood and confess to being disappointed I had to review "one of those lame dry herb vapes." Yes, I've used these sorts of mini and slightly larger dry...
  17. P

    SOS! Dry brittle leaves after spraying with peroxide

    Help!! I am freaking out right now. To combat PWM issues in the middle of third wk of flowering, I read using peroxide, 3% is good. Without diluting to 1gal to 1cup, my partner used just peroxide. Now, the next day, all the leaves are dry and are brittle. How can the plant be saved? Spray...
  18. C

    Watering question

    I'm growing autoflowers in soil. I found a sticky on here about when to water and even it contradicts itself in the very same post. What are common mistakes made by first time growers? It says at first to check the weight of the pot when dry, then water, then wait until it's at dry weight...
  19. D

    Aphids in my curing buds

    Hello, I need help fast. I have some purple kush that is cut and dry. I started to trim it only to find aphids still inside. How do I get them out of there so I can have nice bug free buds to smoke. plants were cut a week ago and are dry enough to trim before I cure them. considered soaking...
  20. CatsnBubbles

    Help - Heat - Too dry - Or nutrients?

    First try at growing again. This happened about a week ago, and since I made some adjustments the other leaves look good. Was this heat, dry soil, or nutrients? I grow other things indoor and outdoor with no issues, but I have ever been able to fully grow cannibus. Thanks!
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