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drying box

  1. 20210729_234715 RD in the box.jpg

    20210729_234715 RD in the box.jpg

    Red Dragon harvest, flip day 66, total 167
  2. installed, inside

    installed, inside

    Blew hiller GH Groe Summer 2019
  3. B

    Cannabis Drying

    Hi all! Hope everyone is doing awesome. I'm interested in learning about different products and methods that people are utilizing to dry their cannabis currently. Who/where are you getting your products from? What positive or negatives have you encountered by using these products? How much...
  4. I


    hey guys i just starded to dry some bud yesturday an today they are feeling really soft/spongy is this correct
  5. jinn

    Jinn's drying bin

    Hey guys, thought I'd post my drying box. I'm not really the patient hand holding type, and this is pretty simple so lets get started! this is my bin. 36x20x19(lxwxh) here is the 4" vent, with removable grate (for ona block) This is an overview of my popcorn tray, the hanging...
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