1. 2 of the plants hanging up to dry

    2 of the plants hanging up to dry

    Rest of the tent is in darkness to force finishing, has worked well. Can see some nice shine and brown pistils
  2. Screenshot_20221021_091928.jpg


    Nearly perfect drying conditions
  3. DSC_1640.JPG


    All hung up to dry
  4. Detroit Shroomz

    How to safely dry XL colas?

    Been growing couple years now (random good bagseed) and I average around 2 1/2 oz a plant...with my most recent grow I decided to purchase seeds from reputable banks and now I feel like I've crossed a new threshold...I was used to 2 oz plants but now I'm staring at what might very well be a 2 oz...
  5. P

    Help with Drying

    Good afternoon guys! Today was the big day! I have come to the end of my grow and now have to tackle the drying and curing process. Never made it this far so all advice is welcome! My current temp and humidity is 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 50-55%. She is in complete darkness. Should my temp and...
  6. R

    Drying in a controlled environment

    Hi, everyone. I have what might be a complex question with a complex answer. Or it might all be very simple. Here's the situation, bear with me. Next to my house I have a small storage space, about 4L x 2H x 1.2W mts, that's about 13x6.5x4 in retard units. I used to grow in this room but I...
  7. 4/12 plants drying

    4/12 plants drying

    Jack Here/GSC, Grandaddy purp, Kushberry Alien, and Strawberry Banana drying
  8. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    He couldn't wait
  9. G

    Beginner Grower, 3 Weeks In Autoflower

    Hi everyone, 3 weeks in to my second grow and its going really well. Learnt alot recently through research, trial and error and all of your advice. Heres some pics of my 3 week old autoflower. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  10. D

    Leaves drying and dying

    Hey guys recently i noticed one of the 2 plants in my tent is having some issues. First time growinf in coco. Have grown a lot of successful grows in soil, but this tent and hid is also new to the set up.Basically in one corner of the tent the leaves are drying and curling and losing colour...
  11. Dry and Trim Harvest Comparison.jpeg

    Dry and Trim Harvest Comparison.jpeg

    Nigerian Sunshine
  12. A

    Help with quick drying

    Hey people. I know you probably seen this post many times before. Here is my situation, I'm in New Zealand and we are out of lockdown tomorrow. I will be travelling by foot (hiking long distances). I got this buds as emergency yesterday. Clearly not dry/cured. Don't have the great smell that...
  13. IMG_5831.JPG


    "The Box"
  14. Angel413

    I need help drying my baby’s #tips

    What’s the best way to dry my baby’s ? What’s the best room temp? Should I Manicure my plant Before drying? How to get that real smell ? I don’t want my plants smelling like hey pls help
  15. cut hole

    cut hole

    Blew hiller GH Groe Summer 2019
  16. 5 gallon lid for drying

    5 gallon lid for drying

    Blew hiller GH Groe Summer 2019
  17. hygrometer


    Blew hiller GH Groe Summer 2019
  18. WankirA

    Drying smell reduction: Air Purifiers, yes or no?

    Hey all, Am currently about 4 weeks away from first harvest ever and getting a little keen. I am intending on using a herb net in my loft which should provide the cool & gentle airflow to dry the buds for a week or two before i cure. While I have every confidence the smell won't permeat into...
  19. B

    Cannabis Drying

    Hi all! Hope everyone is doing awesome. I'm interested in learning about different products and methods that people are utilizing to dry their cannabis currently. Who/where are you getting your products from? What positive or negatives have you encountered by using these products? How much...
  20. Michies

    Abandoned Play In The Glitter By Michies

    First harvest ever... just after a lemon/soda wash as I had a nice little "Alice in wonderland" theme going on with little caterpillars getting grilled on my stock... With the heat here in South Africa... Will leave to dry for max 48hours then jar.
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