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  1. WankirA

    Drying smell reduction: Air Purifiers, yes or no?

    Hey all, Am currently about 4 weeks away from first harvest ever and getting a little keen. I am intending on using a herb net in my loft which should provide the cool & gentle airflow to dry the buds for a week or two before i cure. While I have every confidence the smell won't permeat into...
  2. B

    Cannabis Drying

    Hi all! Hope everyone is doing awesome. I'm interested in learning about different products and methods that people are utilizing to dry their cannabis currently. Who/where are you getting your products from? What positive or negatives have you encountered by using these products? How much...
  3. Michies

    Play In The Glitter By Michies

    First harvest ever... just after a lemon/soda wash as I had a nice little "Alice in wonderland" theme going on with little caterpillars getting grilled on my stock... With the heat here in South Africa... Will leave to dry for max 48hours then jar.
  4. InTheShed

    Rice Balls to lower RH in jars

    Let me start by talking about the success of @Scientific's oven-dried rice suggestion. :thanks: HOLY MOLY! Toss out your silicone beads and your store-bought desiccants. If you need fast and extreme dehumidifying, GO WITH RICE! The basic info is that rice took the RH in the jar from 75% to...
  5. J


    I have bought packaged Marijuana from the pot shop. It is always dry(hardly any moisture to it). Is there any way to keep it from drying up more. Would putting it in the fridge help? Thanks..
  6. C

    How not to cure your crop - Mouldy weed!

    Hi there all. I don't know if there is anything I can do but I have made a monumental srew-up after just harvesting my buds (just one plant). I had just cut down and trimmed my first ever autoflowerer and was just finishing trimming when I had to drop everything and attend another family...
  7. C

    Drying curing underwater - Does it work?

    Hi all. I've just read about 'drying' your harvest underwaterfor 7 days minimum to flush out the crap and then quick dry after the 7 days. Has anyone tried this and does it work? It would suit me down to the ground because I don't really have anywhere to hang my plants but I do have a...
  8. D

    Emergency harvest - Help needed

    Hi. I'm new to this and this is my first grow. A single plant and I don't know what it is as I had a few seeds and this is the only survivor. Plant was doing well but weeks ago I had to move it out of the house and left it in the care of a 77 year old relative who sadly over watered and over...
  9. G

    Need advice about drying bud

    Hi everybody! So I'll start off by saying I'm about to cut down and harvest my first grow ever in a couple days and I'm not quite sure the best method for drying the buds. I know you're supposed to hang them upside down in complete darkness but I've been reading a lot of different ways...
  10. V

    White powder & drying signs on the leaf

    Hello, its almost a month and I have seen like a white powder and some drying signs on the leafs. picture: what sign is it? how can I fix it? thank you.
  11. R


    Hello there, 5 weeks into flowering a northern lights strain and few top bud pistols are drying and turning brown. Have no idea what is going on
  12. Tihoman

    First grow - Should I start drying? Or should I wait?

    Hey guys, should i start with drying is this ready or wait little bit longer, the leaves are yellow and almost in the end i think that is normal, any suggestion? Bio soil no extra fertilizer and second month into flowering 12/12 Amnezia haze and white widow
  13. F

    New with a question

    I am hoping that this group can provide some answers that I am unable to find elsewhere. I am making my own canna oil capsules to help treat chronic lower back pain. Decarboxilation? Can it be achieved by simply drying the ground bud completely or is external heat necessary to complete the...
  14. Why Doe

    I need a drying rack

    I'm using a 2x2x4 tent to do my drying and curing. I purchased a 3 foot one on amazon but it was ungodly big, also been told the 2 foot one will not fit either. Can somebody point me in the right direction? Do they even make square ones!?
  15. M

    Drying Cabinet Idea

    The girls have a couple weeks left, Was thinking of what to do about drying. I saw the Mr. Krip Drying Box Thread Love the idea! Going to try and expand on it. I've got a 4x4 "Mammoth" tent with 2x Meizhi 600w LED on Four Critical 2.0 Dinafem in dirt (Doing quite well) exhaust is a 4"...
  16. B

    Low smell drying/curing techniques

    After my first harvest, my wife nearly lost it when she came home and the house wreaked of freshly harvested bud. I moved it to dry in a dehumidified crawl space, which helped minimize the smell (originally drying in our laundry room), but it was still pretty stinky. Before I start my next...
  17. C

    1st Time Drying & Curing Bud - Help?

    Hey guys! Just harvested 1/4 of my Northern Lights Autoflower plants. For some reason it matured a few weeks sooner than the others. So for my harvest, i trimmed the buds off of the stalk and i manicured them right away. Now, i know that for drying the bud I should keep it in a dark room...
  18. A

    soft airy buds .. help dry/curing

    ok so i hung dry trimmed buds for 5 days at 60-70 degrees , 45-70 humidity in a cardboard dry box .. buds felt dry and crispy on the outside thou the stems did not snap .. last grow i over dried and could not get a decent cure waiting to stems to snap so i did not go that far ... i put them in...
  19. T

    Going to start drying today and need good advice

    Hello, First timer here. I am going to trim my plant and start drying tonight, but I have a problem. Next Thursday I am going abroad for 12 days, so I will not be home to start curing till the end of the month. I really have no idea how to proceed. Any tips??? Thanks
  20. S

    Question regarding drying

    Hey guys just joined the site and had a few questions. Any input is appreciated. So I cut down six plants three days ago and hung the whole plants in my basement. 3 gal pots and about 3-4 feet tall. After I hung them I picked off all the fan leaves. At first my basement was sitting at 59...
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