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dtw coco hydroponics pot

  1. Metal Halide

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    Coco RTW/DTW, hand fed until in bloom tent and then drip fed 5-20 runnoff Bloom tent - Currently full - Moneymaker & Skywalker OG - Harvest MM in 1-2 weeks and OG in 2-3 - 2x600w hps, ts1000, VS150, 6400k 130w cfl Veg-early Bloom tent - Currently full - Moneymaker & Skywalker OG - Soon to...
  2. A

    Need suggestions regarding Pot size - coco hydro DTW

    Hello, First of all i am totally newbie in growing this is my very first attempt with free seeds from nirvana. I am confused on the pot size Kindly take time to understand my situation Current - 46 days from seed to veg I have four unknown strain unknown sex (the sex signs are little not...
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