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ducks foot

  1. D

    Auto Duck, Indoor & Outdoor, Soil, UK, Freak Strain

    Strain = Auto Duck (DP) Sativa Dom Journal Started from germination Flowering = 12 weeks from seed to harvest Started indoor - Finish outdoor Soil = 50% peat moss based compost + 25% Perlite + 25% Vermiculite 8L Root Nurse fabric pot (May pot-up when putting outside. as its a 12 week auto...
  2. Smokin Moose

    The perfect stealth plant: Wally Duck's "Ducksfoot"

    There is a strain on the market at the moment called Ducksfoot. I have put up some images from the breeder to highlight how this is the perfect stealth plant. If you are not into overwhelming potency, this stealthy plant be just what you are after. This first image clearly shows the...
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