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    Air ventilation exhaust vent inside view
  2. chooselove

    Placing exhaust fan outside tent

    Currently have this setup: 315 cubic feet 5 x 9 grow tent 8" hyper fan 8 x 24 carbon filter currently have: hyper fan mounted in grow tent --> insulated ducting --> attic --> carbon filter --> insulated ducting --> towards attic vent outside So, the hyper fan seems a bit loud at the...
  3. S

    Is my grow light distance ok please help

    Hello my last post was about the equipment I had and was it adequate which everyone was very helpful, turned out I had everything right ....anyways I have my equipment all set up and I'm trying to get my temps right In the room where my 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.6m tent is the tempriture is 25.6C...
  4. C

    Anybody use PhonicTrap ducting

    Hello everyone was wondering if anybody here uses 'Phonic Trap ' ducting ? It looks really good so i bought some but have yet to fit it. I was getting fed up with the noise of air blowing so thought this should help. If anyone has any experience please share.
  5. R

    400W CoolTube Question

    Hi All, Im planning my first hydro grow, I plan on doing it properly this time! I want a 400w Digital Ballast CoolTube System - Complete 400w Digital Grow Light, HPS & MH Bulbs for Pros My question is about the extraction from the Cooltube. This system comes with an inline 5" Axial...
  6. smokeywokey

    Acoustic ducting or no?

    Hi. I'm setting up a stealth grow in a 2 ft by 2 ft by 5 ft small grow tent. Acoustic ducting is quite expensive and I was wondering if I could get away with just normal ducting. I read somewhere that the acoustic ducting didn't make much difference sound-wise? I've got a carbon filter and...
  7. P

    First Grow: White Widow Auto, Soil

    Hello all! As I tried to self-educate my way around the internet, I came across this forum and am digging the community so I'm hopping in the pool! I welcome any and all feedback, advice, guidance, etc on my grow and my approach to the journal... especially so as a beginner. :) Thanks in...
  8. 4

    A little help with a fan and ducting

    Can I have your opinions on my new 4 inch fan please? I bought this off fleabay after the seller told me it would be fine to attach ducting to both ends. Of course when I unpacked it the power cable looks like it'll get completely in the way of any ducting! Do you know if there's any way around...
  9. hct0194

    Controlling Smell In Closet With Carbon Air Scrubber & No Ventilation/Ducting

    Hey guys. I am new member to this forum and pretty new at growing INDOORS. So right now at the moment I am doing a grow in my closet, I have no way of running any ducting and am currently using a 400watt HPS bat wing with no ventilation duct, even if there was its not an option. My question is...
  10. cnile

    Ducting and condensation intake cold air?

    im pulling from cold air and water is condensing on my ducting. i imagine once i add the light and get it all tented in if the fan is on high pushing cold air to the light water will also condense on my light fixture. anyone seen this or use insulated ducting. even if it was insulated duct it...
  11. L

    Will I need ducting for my grow tent?

    I really didn't want to deal with any ducting inside or outside of my tent. My plan was to simply attach the fan to the carbon filter and then have it vertical exhausting through the top vent. But now I'm thinking that won't work. Most videos and setups I see has the carbon filter and fan...
  12. C

    General ventilation advice please - Pics included

    I'm having heat issues with my 24cft grow box. The box is in an unconditioned shed which is 1260 cubic feet(14'L x 10'W x9'H), with a stucco exterior, all wood interior framing, slanted roof, and two windows. For ventilation there is an 8 inch roof vent , about an 6 foot long opening on the back...
  13. D

    Zip ties versus duct clamps to secure ducting

    Just wondering if anyone has tried using zip ties in place of duct clamps to secure ducting to lights, fans, etc?
  14. G

    Can I attach acoustic ducting to normal ducting?

    Hi I'm doin my first grow I've got everything setup and my exhaust ducting is really loud. I was planning on getting about 3metre of acoustic 6" ducting and attaching it to my 6" exhaust ducting but wasn't sure if it would fit? If anyone can help, thanks.
  15. M

    Ducting for Indoor Central AC Help!

    Ok so again I am a brand new member to 420 and a First time grower. I'm learning so much and i am absolutely in love with the entire processes that I'm going through on this grow journey. SO I live in a 2 bedroom duplex that had a back patio, but this was closed in and made into a 3rd room. It...
  16. C

    Ducting Question for Cool Tube! Help!

    Hi, I have a grow tent which is a 3x3x6.5 model. I've just ordered a 600 watt cool tube and need to get some ducting; challenge is what size to buy. My set up looks like this: Fan — 5" Port holes — 5" Carbon filter — 4" Cool Tube — 6" Three different sizes I know, kind of sucks. I...
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