dutch passion auto mazar

  1. Tank Engine

    Guerrilla in the ranks

    Hey all, My names Tank Engine but you can all call me Tom I've been lurking about here for the better part of 8 months and have learnt a lot of information from all the seasoned vets here at 420 Magazine. I'm planning on starting my 2nd grow soon as my last plants were stolen in the midst of a...
  2. Perfect Sun LED

    Completed LEDRF's Grow - Auto Mazar - Auto Dark Devil - Etc - Huge Yields

    Hey, so my last grow in this grow room, I got over 1.5 pounds dry, from six autos. I am doing six again this time around. This grow will be finishing off Auto Mazars that just went into flower, and fully following another six. The strains are all autos. Picture of Auto Euforia from last grow...
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