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dutch treat

  1. C

    Help! Yellow leaves

    I have CB Dutch Treat in soil and hydro. The leaves are always yellow. How do I fix this problem.
  2. unforgiven

    Dutch Treat Auto Perpetual

    well i'm back folks!!! pardon the lack of caps or over use of punctuation. this aint a dadgummed English lesson here. ok so on with the show. just gonna be simple start today. here we are attempting to setup a perpetual harvest from auto fem seeds. specifically dutch treat auto...
  3. D

    1st Grow - Snoops Dream - Maui - Connie Chung - Jedi Kush - Dutch Treat

    So it's my first grow, besides a half assed attempt in my early teens. It was almost a spur of the moment type of deal deciding to grow. I had spoken offhandedly about getting started previously because the cost of meds can get quite high(no pun intended) with a tolerance like mine. Even though...
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