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  1. misfits666

    Is she normal or dwarf? Please help me guys

    hello all of you fantastic growers out there.. she already go for veg for 60 days and 5 weeks for 12/12 today. is she too small for her ages? is she got too small early buds? (i use top super soil layering with coco+perlite+pumice on the bottom with aeration, she almost doesn't have any...
  2. C


    Im having problems getting my plants to start budding its been 2 weeks since i went 12 on 12 off i think they a dwarf but not sure put them in from seeds and ideas
  3. N

    Help with first grow?

    Running into some issues with my first grow. I'm growing a Crop King Seeds Dwarf Low-Flyer in a homemade grow box, 2x2x3. I'm growing in soil, in a 3 gallon fabric pot. It's about 6 days since sprout, with no changes in the past couple days. I've been adjusting my water to about 6.5 PH. I just...
  4. S

    Scientific's Coconut Coir Dwarf Low Flyer Summer Pot In An Air Pot Grow

    We're starting on Day 21. (I'll backfill as I push off from the dock.) Day 20: Snipping of node 6 the day before preflowers start STRAIN: Crop King Dwarf Low Flyer autoflower (70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis) LIGHTING: Deck daylight plus (until the sun comes out) Bulbs: 4 Luxrite...
  5. S

    Why buy a dwarf strain whey you can shorten vegetative stage?

    Hi Grow Gurus (or anyone happens to have an opinion ;)) My question: Why buy a dwarf strain when you can shorten vegetative stage? A friend bought Crop King Seeds' "Dwarf Low Flyer" seeds because he wanted to experiment with growing just a small plant on his deck. It worked well for him--I...
  6. chaide3

    Royal Dwarf Autoflowering Grow Diary Intro

    I've been growing Short Stuff #1 inside for the last two years with pretty good results. Also experimented with growing Holland's Hope seeds outside. But I am shopping around and I'm looking forwards to some good results with these babies: "With a similar genetic background to our Easy Bud...
  7. M

    Auto Noob Journal

    5 x northern lighes auto and 1 royal dwarf + 2 unknown
  8. Nooblisario

    Dwarf Low Flyer Grow Journal

    Hello everyone! I'm a first time at-home grower, decided to give small space apartment indoor growing a shot. Went in to local shop here in Canada and picked up a package of the Dwarf Low Flyer as the reviews online make it sound stupid easy to start with. I'm starting this journal to LEARN...
  9. movie1212

    Summertime Bonsai Indoor & Outdoor Grow Plan

    Hi.... Movie1212 here. I love summertime. The outdoor grow has been nurtured and now just needs water and nutes. The outdoor grow is part easy and part vigilance for me. Here is the easy. My crop for a winter stash is Dark Angel from Cropking seeds,which balances both Indica and Sativa...
  10. D

    Crop King Dwarf Low Flyer

    4 week into flowering autflower Dwarf Low Flyer from CKS. This is first grow. I think she has promise anybody else?
  11. J

    JeefKeef's Debut Grow - Soil - Blue Himalaya - Sunlight/CFL - 2016

    Hello everyone! :) After lurking in the forums for the past few months and ogling at some mind-blowing grows, I've decided to give growing my own MJ a shot. Motivation comes from wanting better-quality marijuana than what is available locally as well as from trying newer strains. I visited...
  12. S

    Dwarf low flyer

    Anyone got a lifespan or how many days from seed a dwarf low flyer typically is ?
  13. CMJJMC2000

    Dwarf Autoflower in Hydroponics - Need assistance

    First off, thank you for reading this. I have an active grow journal documenting my grow of 2 x Cropking Dwarf Low Flyers. I'm growing in an Aerogarden Ultra with an iceprobe chiller mounted and activated via automatic controller. Lighting is coming from a MarsHydro Reflector 48. Plants are 13...
  14. Jimmy C

    First Time Grower - Strain - White Dwarf

    So this is my first time growing the Ganja. I've think what I have is a nice little set up in my cupboard. I would greatly appreciate some tips or advice on how I should grow. I am using a an 18watt propagator and I also have a 250watt cfl light bulb on the go. 2 of my seeds have sprouted out...
  15. F

    Project #1

    Hello Tokers This is my first thread and my first growing experiment. I'm growing two Green-O-Matic plants. Basically i'm just trying to keep it as cheap and simple as i can while still providing the plant with the minimum necessities. My setup consistes of: * 1.5 Kg of soil per plant...
  16. M

    G-13 Labs Poison Dwarf Auto-flowering

    Note: I looked around ALOT on auto-flowering strains for some decent info but can't find much. I plan on buying these seeds & growing them in cheap soil bought from walmart, in a cut open 2 liter bottle, & i plan to setup a fairly strong but small (8x8 in.) florescent light over 4 plants (18...
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