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dwc auto autoflower

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    Beating depression last try

    Hi :Love: So i have only smoked some weed. When i was in my 16s. I did enjoy it but i never stuck with it. And the simple fact is that. In Sweden where am from hashish is easiest to get. Sold mostly buy a "friend" of a friend. Or you are forced to deal with gangs. And fuck that am now in my...
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    First Timer - Pyramid Seed's Anesthesia Auto Flower DWC Grow

    hey guyss !! so my bonza seeeds arrived, but of 6 , only 2 sprouted, and one is in hold for an emergency :laugh2: is a pretty dissapointing range i think i will try another seedbank next time ...getting back to the actual one that made it thru ,it was the auto flower anesthesia by pyramid...