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  1. Verbalist

    Seedling before transplanting into DWC

    Hey! Any advices what should I do before transplanting seedling into DWC bucket? I put germinated seed into rockwool cube and seedling were kind of struggling to pop out, right now it has problems to stand properly. So decided to transplant the rockwool cube into net cup filled with clay...
  2. nevermor3

    Exodus Cheese, GSC & Blue Dream, HSO, Deep Water Culture Hydro Grow Journal

    Hello! And welcome to my grow journal! I am a semi-experienced indoor grower who has recently been blessed with marijuana being legalised for personal use/growth at home. My current setup is a bit of a mess because the grow room was being used recently so just starting to set up in the...
  3. IMG_0576.JPG


    Carolina Reaper
  4. S

    Cali OG Kush/Haze, Sativa, DWC, 2 x 300W LEDs, First Grow Ever

    Hello, ok so i've been reading all kinds of articles and video tutorials for last couple months. finally i decided to move forward with this new hobby of mine. this is the details of my setup: Bucket Size - 5 gal with large air stone and drip ring For the beginning... Medium - clay...
  5. M

    Seedling leaves in DWC

    Hey there, Day 5 from sprout: Question regarding my first set of leaves on my Pineapple Kush. They seem to be sagging a bit but color looks ok and it stands on its own strength at about 3.5in. This is in a DWC with top feed, Sensi A+B (Ph Perfect nutes at 230ppm). My LED grow light is 230W...
  6. D

    Digital's First Grow - Blue Blood & Company - Coco - 2015

    Hi everyone, this is my First Cannabis Grow, Im an Expat living in France and Ive been growing hydro Veggies for a couple of years. Im using the Tips I got from @LEDRF's tutorial on how to grow in Coco ... Wish me luck, Im open to all ideas and feedback, I'm sure Ill need it :) heres the...
  7. B

    Bentelly's 1st Grow - DWC - Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto

    SeedBreeder : Dinafem Genetic Origin : Cheese Auto x Blueberry Auto Flowering / Harvest time : 10 weeks seed to harvest- From the Breeder, Ha Ha Ha Yield: Medium Yield Height: Up to 120 cm Indica/Sativa Hybrid Equipment (starting) 2-Sun God dual spectrum cfl with reflectors Small grow...
  8. Clarkent

    Vision's Blueberry Bliss Auto, DWC, 400 LED Question

    Hi, this is my first time in everything, so I don't know if this is normal or not for an Auto. I have a Nirvana Blue Mystic Fem and the Vision's Blueberry Bliss Autoflower under the same setup. When the LED is on everything is good, but when the light go off the Blueberry start to get like...
  9. T

    Droppy young plants in DWC - 2nd week

    Hello growers, Id like to ask you for help with my "office grow" once again. Form first: What Strain is it? Chronic How Many Plants? 4 ladies Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Growth If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 14 days Indoor or Outdoor? IN Soil or Hydro? HYDRO DWC If Hydro...
  10. Nine44

    Ak-47 - LED - DWC

    Starting a grow journal for this little girl. I call her Akela She began her life with the death of my first two grows which resulted in males. https://www.420magazine.com/forums/journals-progress/221416-first-grow-hempy-bucket-cfl.html What strain is it? ak47 autoflower Is it Indica...
  11. CronicHempHog

    ChronicHemphog's - DWC - Advanced LEDs - Time to Grow - Grow

    OK here we go:thumb: so this is nutes used are bpn 3 part also for other plants botanicares pro gro, pro bloom, silica blast and hydroplex also using massive for bloom phase lights are t-8 litro gro lights for veg advanced led's diamond series and diamond series with cree xml for bloom...
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