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  1. T

    First grow - DWC - Root rot

    Hello Everyone! I am a first time grower. I just bought a grow box and bought some clones. I made some initial mistakes. Used the rockwool cubes (the clones came in this) as the only growing medium Overwatered the cubes. The cubes were half submerged in water. Let light hit the cubes...
  2. L

    Livingsoildwc's - Living Soil - Deep Water Culture - Experiment Grow Journal - 2015

    Blessings 420Magazine :high-five: Strain: My 3rd gen SpaceQueen/Kush (not sure about the pedigree)(strains will most likely change throughout this journal) Warning wall of text incoming! :reading420magazine: I am not sure if anybody has ever tried a Living Soil DWC system, but there is...
  3. iuuygdfyug

    Which DWC nutes do you recommend? and Why?

    I'm currently using Fox Farm nutrients in my two five gallon bucket DWC set up. I liked the results of the nutrient line, But I'm not happy with how Big Bloom is so prone to clogging air stones etc, And I find the nutrient line to have major PH stability issues. Is there anything designed...
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