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  1. Legal Hydro

    Legal Hydro's Speedy Gonzales Journal - July 2015

    Legalhydro's Grow Journal Speedy Gonzales Hello!:420:Community! Legalhydro here bringing you my first grow journal! All feedback is greatly appreciated! This is my FIRST ever grow! :cheer2: Link to the seeds strain lineage/genealogy --> Speedy Gonzales (by Flash Seeds) :: SeedFinder :: Strain...
  2. P

    Refrigerator Recirculating Deep Water Container system

    This is a plan that I'm putting together. I tried a grow once using the DWC system. When the plant were ready to go into the flowering stage, they started dying back. I didn't know why until I researched and found out that I had to keep the water on the roots cold. The roots were turning yellow...
  3. B

    Patient new to growing - Need help Please!

    I am new to growing. I live in northern Texas. I have a small 4 banger set up in my bathroom. I have the intake and outake fans running 24/7. I have my CFL running 24 hours. I keeping the ph arround 6. Using flora bloom/ flora grow/ and flora micro as per directions on bottles. The temp stays...
  4. trichomes

    420 Members Favorite Nutrients for DWC / Aero / Hydro? GrowBig 3-2-6 Bloom

    I'm new to Aero, I am using the above nutrients, the solution is green. My concern is that my roots are tinted light-brown, I heard this can be caused by some nutrients, is there a better/different mfg.that is MOST popular w/ 420 site members? thank you
  5. trichomes

    Hard or Soft water? Can I use one of these for DWC?

    I'm new at this, I have ez access to hard water & soft, which is preferable for DWC (started as AERO)?? thank you all. I'll keep searching for a consistent answer.
  6. trichomes

    6 days of progress Before & After pics - 1st aerogrow

    NOT 6!! 4 days of progress BEFORE (bottom pics) & AFTER (top 2) pics, 1st aerogrow. It seems I will be growing DWC style now, the roots are in the water now. Please let me know, if you have any tips or warnings, from what you see in my set-up. thank you all!
  7. WizHigh

    DIY 3 in 1 Hydro system

    3 in 1 DIY Hydro/Clone/DWC Things Youll Need. Home Depot has everything. Just get the air pump from Petco 1. Which ever size tote you'd like to use. In this I used a 3 gallon for people who is minimized with space. 2. 1/2 inch Flexible black tubing about 3feet. (just incase you cut...
  8. 253Chiefin

    The Chiefs White Widow & White Russian DWC

    Strain: white widow & white russian clones. White russian cloned from serious seed mother and white widow from dutch passion. Soil or hydro: hydro, 5 gallon buckets DWC. Lights: metal halide for veg and HPS for flower 24/0 starting out, 20/4 in a week maybe 2 then 18/6 untill flower...
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