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  1. rillos

    How much Cal/Mag needed in DWCR and Coco-coir

    It seems in my growing that my Dwcr system plants show cal/mag def while in my coco-coir don't at the same 2ml per gallon. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around where I would see def in coco-coir before I would in my Dwcr.
  2. rillos

    Let's talk about DIY dwcr set-up's

    :420: Just finished my new dwcr system using 19 gal tub's. Each tub will have its own air pump and I made a chiller out of a dehumidifier that will sit in the res. There is also a pond pump that will feed from my res to my grow tub and back through the PVC pipe. I like to get some more idea's of...