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    Dyi for more space in case lol
  2. IMG_20191111_130512.jpg


    Found piece of plywood cut it to 24 1/2 inches wide didn't car about the height as long as I was mindful of the hole size needed 6" . Then insulation wrap stapled too and bang ready for ducting and my exhaust fan should be here today .
  3. SebastianDoingBotany

    I'm New To Growing Hydro Did I Get Everything?

    Hello 420Magazine, This is a Marijuana DIY Deep Water Culture set up ready to go. This DWC was made to start my learning process of growing Cannabis Hydroponically. I want to share all my experiences with all of you on my way to becoming a Grow Master. Please leave me a comment and any ideas...
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    Best run so far homemade oil. Headband 818 liek taffy bendable I like it.
  5. 3A3703DC-5653-4C27-80C3-6BB6F47A87F7.jpeg


    Headband shatter first attempt
  6. P

    Refrigerator Recirculating Deep Water Container system

    This is a plan that I'm putting together. I tried a grow once using the DWC system. When the plant were ready to go into the flowering stage, they started dying back. I didn't know why until I researched and found out that I had to keep the water on the roots cold. The roots were turning yellow...
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