dying leaves

  1. S

    The Lower Leaves Of My Cannabis Plants Have Been Falling For No Apparent Reason

    Hello everyone, I've been cultivating this cannabis plant since august/september 2022. Nevertheless, I've noticed the lower pairs of leaves have been dying lately, for no apparent reason. Do someone knows what may be occuring and, if does, how do I remedy it?
  2. M

    Desperate Help Needed: Not A 1st Time Grow

    I have grown a few times, always with pretty good results. I have grow GG only until now. I bought a few new types of seeds from 420 and 2 of the plants (different strains) are showing the same issues as one another while two plants looks OK. These are inside grown, light's 18-20" off the...
  3. Z

    Help! My plants are loosing color and one is dying and I don't know why

    I have gotten 2 clones from a friend 2 weeks ago and since i have startet growing them. They are now in week 2 of vegetative state and are having some problems. One of the plant is turning its new leaves brown and yellow and older leaves get yellower. The other one is much more healthier but it...
  4. G

    i need your guys's help my plant is DYING

    hi guys this is my first time growing and posting, i have been growing AK 47 auto fem seeds but i have ran into a problem and have no clue whats wrong. So i need your guys's help. I will give you a story about what happened, when i started with germination, my plant was just fine but after a...
  5. B

    Need help for soil indoor grow - It's a tricky one

    Hi Guys first time poster here i'm going to try follow the rules as best I can SOIL GROW INDOOR Strain - UNKNOWN REPITUABLE DARK NET SOURCE AUSTRALIAN F1 SEEDSTOCK (I forgotten the strain i'm pretty sure its AFGANI x PINEAPPLE SKUNK) # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil - YATES PREMUIM...
  6. J

    Please Help! Little Ones Are Not Doing Well!

    Hi Everybody! I have started my first grow indoors and it appears that my plants are not doing well (I have posted several pictures below). I started the grow on January 28 and at first they were doing great. Over the past week or some of the lower leaves are completely dying and the tips...
  7. CanniCulture

    Leaves are turning brown, spotted and curling upwards - Need help fast

    :welcome::welcome: Okay bad news ahead, Heres my Specifications on my grow: What Strain is it? White Widow Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa How Many Plants? One Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? If in Flowering...
  8. HashGirl

    Crop King Hash Plants Dying?

    Good morning. My husband planted 5 Hash Plants in the spring and they were doing pretty well until the drought ended. We've had rain often in the past 3 or 4 days and the leaves on the plants are now drooping and going yellow and brown and he thinks it's from all the rain but adding nutrients...
  9. N

    Brown edges during flowering

    I'll get a picture and post it as soon as possible, thanks for any advice! I'm using fox farms nutrients. I havedone some research and I think maybe nutrient burn? It's my first grow and I have no real idea what's going on.
  10. A

    Dying leaf tips

    Hi all, My baby is ill and I don't know how to remedy her. She is an outdoor plant. I noticed my leaves started dying at the tips, only some of the leaves do this, the others seem fine and healthy. any idea why this happens and how to fix this?
  11. D

    Need Help ASAP

    Im a beginner and my plants have done ok till now, there in flowering stage and a couple of the leaves look like their dying, i use about a teaspoon of FLora Gro to every gallon, water every other day ph level 6.5..please let me know any advise,thank you,not sure you can see the pic i copied...
  12. G

    Planted from seed and two weeks in the leaves are drying and curling

    Hello and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me save this plant. I am a newbie at growing indoors and I have grown outdoors in the past using clones. The outdoor growth was good until someone stole my plants so I'm trying to grown indoors. I have a utility room attached to the house...
  13. O

    Large fan leaves yellowing and dying. First grow.

    SOIL GROW Strain - Big girl is Northern lights/indica hybrid , Little girl is Unknown. # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 5 Gallon Lights - (1) 600 Watt MH Nutrients - Bio thrive 4-3-3, only fed once at (1) tsp per half gallon in its life Jan 13. One...
  14. T

    Yellowing Leaves Help Please!

    So I have a Liberty Haze in Flower week 7 now thats leaves are turning yellow and rust just wondering whats going on with her not sure if its normal or what? I also have a Pineapple Express whose leaves are turning yellow/rust from the inside out. Wondering what i need to do to fix the problem...
  15. H

    Yellowing of fan leaves during first week of flowering

    My plant has just begun flowering (it's been a week, week and a half at most) and I noticed the fan leaves have been dying at a very fast rate, it seems like almost over night some leaves have gone completely yellow starting from the bottom I'm not using any nutes but I am using a little...
  16. F

    Help what now? will it live? first timer

    im not sure what strain it is. started flowering about june. 2 seeds grew in one pod. lives in a pot on my window sill with just miracle grow. and rain water.( wasnt serious when i decided to grow one.just wanted to see how one would grow.) its been doing GREAT.absolutely nothing wrong with...
  17. C

    I need help!

    This is my first time growing, so im just kinda goin with the flow. but the tips of some leaves are turning a brown/yellowish and seem to be dying. also, one of my leaves had curled completely in on itself. its about 9 weeks old, on a 12 hour light cycle. i have no idea what to do. please help...
  18. J

    2 plants are dying and 2 plants are ok in the same growing system

    well i use the emily garden system to grow my plants, i have 4 plants going right now and 2 of them look like they are burnt on the leaves even tho the buds look alright (flowering stage) and the other 2 plants are doing perfectly fine. I had to repair my system with silicon because it broke...
  19. M

    sprouts were doing brilliant, but now there dying? HELP!

    so I've started growing three sprouts and one died of which i just threw up to chance due to the fact that one of them was doing great. good health, looks like it was going to be a great plant. However, recently ive gone down to my girlfriends house for the weekend and its rather sunny there so...
  20. G

    Pics of sick plants - please help diagnose

    Newbie 1st grow desperately need help diagnosing why leaves are turning yellow/brown Some of my fastest growing plants are yellowing and dropping leaves - other planets seem just fine Problem seems to be getting worse after trying to let them dry out more and selectively fertilizing...
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