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  1. G

    Dying/wilted Autoflower

    Help☹️ My plant was literally fine 2 days ago. She was happy, beautiful everything was good. I watered last on the 27th but starting the 1st she’s been wilting and it’s only getting worse and worse.!! I have her tied to keep her standing up right today also. I haven’t changed anything. Keeping...
  2. DarionOzb

    How do I save these plants?

    Hey guys, hope I can get some help with this. About 2 weeks ago i started noticing some slow growth on these ladies after a very healthy and rapid 4 months of veg. This is my first time vegging past the 8/10 week mark, and I was trying to grow them out as long as I could. The slow growth...
  3. D

    Leaves drying and dying

    Hey guys recently i noticed one of the 2 plants in my tent is having some issues. First time growinf in coco. Have grown a lot of successful grows in soil, but this tent and hid is also new to the set up.Basically in one corner of the tent the leaves are drying and curling and losing colour...
  4. Y

    Limp cannabis plant! Dying, please help!

    My cannabis plant started going limp about 2 days ago, at first it wasn’t that bad, but in 1 day it went really really south, the leaves are almosy completely limp. I suspect that i was overwatering it. Will it come back to normal if i just water less?
  5. 4

    Help! Soil still wet

    I have 3 plants under CFL. All was well until I switched from 18-6 to 11-13, 2 weeks ago and started on a flowering nutrient. Now they look sick and frail. (Could NPK be the issue) Scenario: Miracle Gro potting soil with DuGro all purpose fertilizer 15-30-15. Too much? 7 weeks old. Topped and...
  6. Dinger

    Dark spots on seedling leaf

    Strain - Chemdawg # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - Pre-Veg? Light - VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series V300 300W Nutrients - General Hydronponics Medium - Coco+Perlight RH - 60% to 65% Room Temperature -78 to 81 Problem: I woke up this morning I noticed that my girl had some dark...
  7. Z

    Help! My plants are loosing color and one is dying and I don't know why

    I have gotten 2 clones from a friend 2 weeks ago and since i have startet growing them. They are now in week 2 of vegetative state and are having some problems. One of the plant is turning its new leaves brown and yellow and older leaves get yellower. The other one is much more healthier but it...
  8. 20180329_124339.jpg


    Seriously unwell seedlings. Early pearl grow #1
  9. 20180329_124327.jpg


    The one that was the healthiest.
  10. D

    Some of the leaves are wilting and dying

    what can the problem be?
  11. F

    OMG - What happened?

    Literally this happened within probably eight hours. This morning they looked fine and I got home from work and they look like this. The last time I used fertilizer was over a week ago and the last watering are used 1 tablespoon of black strap molasses per gallon of water, last night I sprayed...
  12. D

    First grow looking nasty - Help!

    First ever grow is underway and I'm excited I recently transplanted these about a week ago from today. Everything was looking cherry, had a nice happy green to it. Could see new growth coming but suddenly they started dying and fairly quickly (one day to the next) . I've looked on multiple...
  13. C

    Yellow Leaves After 12/12

    Dear Friends, I would first like to thank you for taking the time to review the issue I'm dealing with. About a month and a half ago (give or take), I started growing my plant under 65W LED lights and everything was going very well. Nearly two weeks ago, I started flowering and things...
  14. S

    Need help leaves dying

    Have these plants in 5 gallon buckets have been using advanced nutrients since start. Hydroponic grow in hydroton. Not sure what's causing my leaves to turn yellow and die up top. Lower leaves seem fine. Two of the plants leaves are turning yellow leaves are curling down and their tips are...
  15. Why Doe

    Couple questions before harvest

    This blueberry auto is in a 10 gallon pot, I flushed a week ago with 20 gallons and flora Kleen. I plan on doing a final flush today and that will be the last water she gets before harvest on Friday. Gonna turn the lights off wed-Thursday to give her some darkness before harvest. This is my...
  16. S

    Help my babies are dying

    my babies are drooping and turning yellow
  17. Q

    Need help

    Bottom leaves yellowing and dying could this be caused by fungus gnats
  18. B

    I transferred pots and now my plant is slowly dying

    How do I save my haze extreme? Its slowly dying and I'm trying my best. I remember when I did the transfer there were a bunch of roots that fell off during the process.
  19. N

    My plants are dying - Help!

    Hey I'm new to this forum and kind of in a hurry so if I am breaking any rules please be gentle: haven't had time to read all of the rules (yet) Ive been doing this for a while yet this is the first time this happens. They all look dead! Yet I water them every 2 days and make sure the...
  20. P

    Seedlings dying fast

    Hi! I've been following threads and grow logs with confidence of how to spot problems and overcome them. But it all went wrong somewhere... My grow is simple, Light from sun only Feminised White widow/ bubblegum seeds Germinated in tissue and planted in compost. I started with 70...
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