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  1. farside05

    Farside05's Multiple Strain Auto Grow in Coco: Trainwreck, Blueberry, Cream Caramel, Purple Kush

    Just put the seeds in jiffy plugs today. I'll be growing Trainwreck and Cream Caramel from Sweet Seeds, Blueberry from Zambeza, and Purple Kush ftom Buddha. This is my first grow using Coco, I've always used ProMix before. Nutes will be DynaGro Foliage Pro and ProTekt and lighting is a...
  2. M

    Fox Farm - Perlite - Dyna Gro - Experiences?

    Hey all, I'm planning on doing a single chamber stealth cabinet with a 300w led. I have the cabinet figured out but would like some input and suggestions on soil and nutrients. For soil I'm planning on using 2 parts fox farm happy frog with one part pearlite. For nutrients I'm planning to...
  3. K

    KGIRedline's Outdoor Strain Mix Up - Gorilla Glue - G.S.C. & Bag Seed

    Ok, so time to start my outdoor journal so I can quit high jacking my own indoor thread with pics and these ladies Can get the attention they deserve :) So 5 of these girls started from my indoor journal, and We're growing way faster than the girls I decided to keep in tent and LST...
  4. A1cronick

    A1cronicks Never Ending Grow Indoors/Outdoors Autos - Kushs & Hazes

    back again i love growing so much i think i will do this till i am dead but will make sure to pass down all my learnings to some one i know will continue on
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