dyna gro

  1. M

    Fox Farm - Perlite - Dyna Gro - Experiences?

    Hey all, I'm planning on doing a single chamber stealth cabinet with a 300w led. I have the cabinet figured out but would like some input and suggestions on soil and nutrients. For soil I'm planning on using 2 parts fox farm happy frog with one part pearlite. For nutrients I'm planning to...
  2. K

    KGIRedline's Outdoor Strain Mix Up - Gorilla Glue - G.S.C. & Bag Seed

    Ok, so time to start my outdoor journal so I can quit high jacking my own indoor thread with pics and these ladies Can get the attention they deserve :) So 5 of these girls started from my indoor journal, and We're growing way faster than the girls I decided to keep in tent and LST...
  3. A1cronick

    A1cronicks Never Ending Grow Indoors/Outdoors Autos - Kushs & Hazes

    back again i love growing so much i think i will do this till i am dead but will make sure to pass down all my learnings to some one i know will continue on