early flower

  1. GorillaGlueEarlyBloom.jpg


    Early blooming
  2. Do-Si-DosCookiesEarlyBloom.jpg


    Early blooming
  3. Cream&CheeseCBD_EarlyBloom.jpg


    Early blooming
  4. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  5. A

    Curled tips, dark edges: Help

    Hi guys, this is my first post. I’m in need of some help. Over night 2 of my ladies have started showing dark edges(not burnt) and the lead tips are curlin up. Temps are 17-25c, RH is 50-60, week 2 of flower. These ladies have had some problems in early veg w ph because it is my first time...
  6. A

    Seedlings flowering too soon

    I have a few seedlings (Cinderella 99, Big Bud, og kush) that are about 7-8 inches tall, they are kept outside during the day, and at night I move them on the patio with a fluorescent light on (about 150 watts). They ALL started flowering!! I live in Southern California, and it's now October...
  7. O

    Mid spring and my babies are flowering in my greenhouse.- help please

    Hi guys and gals, I germinated my seeds in the month before spring and put them in the warm greenhouse (no lights) qnd they have been veging just fine, it's now a month into spring and I see that some of them have signs of flowering on them... There's plenty of light, more then 12 hours a...
  8. S

    How does it look? Being a first grow

    Greetings yall. :Namaste: My poor plant is suffering from phosphorus deficiency.. She is 45days old (2 weeks into flowering). I've been giving it enough phosphorus so she should recover, i hope. I just wanted you guys to let me know how she looks for being a first experimental grow. She is 8,5...
  9. Swampass

    Early flowering

    Well I took a chance to get my plants in the ground as early as possible and i guess I was a few weeks to early. Both plants are starting to flower and its the first day of may. Is there a solution to this? can I get them back to veg or will they go ahead and finish out? Both plants are about 3...
  10. B

    Budding Early!?

    Ok I need your help.... I have two plant that were placed outside in late April or early June One of them is Pineapple Express or G13 Haze -- Not sure as one of the seedling died and I did not label them- And the other one is sweet Black Angel - Both are Fems and not auto flowering...
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