early growing

  1. D

    Earliest UK outdoor auto finish dates and strains?

    Hello cannapeoples! Winter can fuck off!!! In the ass! But REALLY, I been getting excited and planning to start off some autos indoor for about 3-4 weeks from seeds depending on when they start to stink! OK, say you get a strain that will "actually" finish 9 weeks from germination...
  2. ecdriver

    Greek yoghurt stylee buckets

    hi 420 friends, today i checked my mind and decided to turn the mini coco grow i do with some Hawaiian snow into a micro hempy grow. i filled the "1kg greek yoghurt" pots with a 3cm layer of clay pebbles, fill up with coco coir to 1 inch below the top and finish with 1inch pebbles on top for...
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