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  1. J

    Can someone maybe diagnose these two?

    Hope they're saveable thanks in advance for any help I been told on another forum website calcium deficiency, and nutrient burn, and after googling calcium deficiency I'm thinking myself it might actually be potassium toxicity. These people refused to elaborate so yea idk, I'm still kinda lost...
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    Trizzler before the LST attermpt
  3. 20211222_231722.jpg


    Day 13 of Hotz
  4. S

    Early Veg Problem Help Please

    Hey! I took a look at my plants this morning and I noticed some of the earlier leaves are wilting up a bit and are discolored kind of browning a bit near the veins. I had to flush a week back because of too much nitrogen. It was yesterday that I noticed I might have a problem. The soil was...
  5. ZeeTrees

    Abandoned Zee - Durban Relief & Fainting Goat - 2016

    So I am currently starting a new grow. (Number 2) I have bought a bunch of equipment including a 4x3 gorilla tent with a 300W LED (I also have a small HPS150 if need be) for my plants to eventually move into. Currently have 6 seedlings in week 2 they just sprouted their first set of true leaves...
  6. J

    First time topping - Might have a problem?

    I think I did it right, just took the top off not long after it came in. She's just under two weeks old. It's been 2 days since topping, just noticed the upper leaves got a bit of a curl. This a big deal? Please take a look at the pic and let me know if it looks alright. Few gnats flying...
  7. maryjhomegrow

    CFL Light Distane from Early Veg Stage Plants

    I am simultaneously using 2 CFL bulbs: 1. 325W 2. 150W So, that adds to 475W altogether for 2 early veg stage plants in one small grow room They are both 6500K Colour Temperature What distance should my bulbs be from the plants? They are currently about 2-4 inches away, I...
  8. purc0

    Early veg help

    Pls help me identify my plants. Maybe its too early 4 them ? What should I do to let them show gender ? Thx Jah bless
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