1. S

    Early Veg Problem Help Please

    Hey! I took a look at my plants this morning and I noticed some of the earlier leaves are wilting up a bit and are discolored kind of browning a bit near the veins. I had to flush a week back because of too much nitrogen. It was yesterday that I noticed I might have a problem. The soil was...
  2. Tiny Pistils

    Tiny Pistils

  3. 0F57E416-D0F9-4A1B-84C8-2B1E99D755F3.jpeg


    Big bomb 14/80
  4. Ron Strider

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  5. JayGeneration

    BC Early Blueberry

    This BC Early Blueberry is autoflower feminized, grown outdoors. Planted June 5, harvested August 25.
  6. N

    When should I harvest? Please help!

    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone can help me, I've been growing a female for a few months now and I'm not sure if it's ready for harvest. I don't want to make a mistake and harvest too early or too late. Thoughts? Pictures included.
  7. E

    What explains early maturation of this plant?

    My plant is a clone from my first Pineapple Express. I put it under 12/12 lighting 40 days ago and it's now ready for harvest. My first PE took 65 days to mature and be ready for harvest --that plant was grown from seed. The literature suggests that this plant takes 8 - 9 weeks to mature...
  8. B

    Early Miss Auto 9 weeks

    My early miss auto at 9 weeks....
  9. Pyr0

    Greetings from Ireland

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a while but as this site is so knowledgeable, I've decided to sign up. From grey old Ireland, the green country with backward laws on the green ;-) long time user of cannabis products, almost 40 yrs.:tokin: I've tried growing outdoor from random seeds...
  10. D

    Yellow leaves - Early flowering?

    I have this one month old super bud auto. I gave bio bloom and bio grow nutritions starting from the second week.
  11. B

    5 week auto Early Miss

  12. B

    early miss auto at 3 weeks

    my early miss auto at 3 weeks...my second grow..I have 10 week white widow auto...early miss is so different and much larger at 3 weeks than was white widow auto was
  13. H

    Early planting outdoors light cycles

    This year I'm hoping to get my plants outdoors a couple weeks earlier. Obviously if its earlier there will be less light. Does anyone know what the threshold is for planting outdoors early spring the min hours to stay in veg? 14 hours? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly for...
  14. N

    Too early to sex

    White Widow Day 10 of flower is this to early to sex, seed was bought as feminized
  15. nobodyhere

    Help sexing

    At 47 days, not feminized seed...thoughts? Plant #1 Plant #2 Part of me says leaning male, other part...too early to tell. FWIW, I am still in veg.
  16. L

    Harvesting early in the great 2017 Norcal flood

    Ok guys and gals, I am six weeks in to my 12 plant grow 6 white widows 6 purple kush, they are all in soil and seem to be devloping nicely. The ww is a 8 week strain and the pk is a 9 to 10. Well my question to you all is because i am in the flood zone if Oroville Dam breaks should i cut...
  17. D

    Abandoned Early Season UK Outdoor Guerrilla Auto Grow

    Hello :420: !!! I want to do a full diary of a 4 plant autoflower guerrilla grow ASAP!!! I am in UK and want to see how they do early on in the year. I will germinate 4 autos, 1 each week (staggered) in my homemade, mylar, ventilated growcab under a 125W DS CFL. Starting from March 8th 2017...
  18. D


    Hi everyone I have been reading up on The foxtail and am now worries my buds are doing just that? I haven't grown in over 10 years so Iv forgotten how the buds look at the early stage on the stem. Any help tips or comments are welcome. Thank you
  19. P33LUM16


    Is it too early to determine what it is going to be?
  20. G

    Drooping leaves

    Coco grow Strain - Blue Dream x3 (seed), shining silver haze x1 (clone) Grow Type - Coco (buffed) 65%, Perlite 25%, Clay pebbles 10% Pots - 11l (3 gallons) Grow stage - Early veg Light - 250w HPS Air cooled Nutrients - General Hydroponics + Cal/mag PH - 5.8 - 6.5 RH - 40% - 50%...
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