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  1. Easy super cropping tool:D

    Easy super cropping tool:D

    I found this on line and bought it, used it on my plants, works pretty well I would say,
  2. Willjr0228

    Indoor 600W Budget Grow Papaya

    Hey everyone here is the beginning of the long journey for prosperous growth. I gathered bag seeds from a papaya strain and set 4 seeds up to germinate in a napkin and drenched water for 3 days. Planted them to sooo cups for 12 days and moved to 3 gallon fabrics totes. Here is what I’m using...
  3. farside05

    Weed So Easy A Child Can Do It? By Farside05 & Son - OG, Sour D & White Widow

    After a bit of a break, the tent is back open for business but under new management. Here is the deal. My son has an interest in relocating and working in a commercial greenhouse. I support him in his decision if he chooses to do so, but he doesn't have a bunch of experience. He's seen it...
  4. W

    Smooth on the inhale strains

    I recently tried Grapegod that I bought from an online dispensary and I was struck by how easy smoking it was,it never got me coughing at all.But the price for 10 feminized seeds is $166.Does anyone know of strains that are easy on the draw? I have asthma and I've found that with myself,coughing...
  5. E

    Hello from Europe!

    Hi everybody, I am a grower from Spain. I am a newbie here. I love sativas, specially heirloom traditional ones. I think that most of them are endangered so what it was easy to get some decades ago now it is almost impossible. That's all! Greetings. Escalabrador.
  6. T

    Vape bag Q's - DIY Q's

    New to vaping, just built a heat gun vaporizer that pushes the hot air thru a vape chamber and thru a 1/2" pipe into a plastic cooking bag. Seems to work well so far. Need to get a better bag attachment / valve system like the volcano easy valve or similar to provide an easy quick...
  7. I

    Cooking - Recipes - Decarb?

    Hey friends! I wanted to make about 1 or 2 rather good sized cookies out of the 1grm of weed. Does anone know a good/easy recipe to make canna butter with just 1grm. Honestly that's all I want to use to get a little buzz Also should I decarb the flower first THEN make the butter or...
  8. T

    Old dude: A little lost

    Hello, all... 53 year old musician with two gimpy knees trying to get back in the game... This used to be easy B~
  9. unforgiven

    Magical Butter Machine Review

    so short but sweet cuz im still on my first 13 hour extreme buzz from this machine. awesome quality guys. super easy to use. easy to clean. oh and btw.........garlic shrimp made with a wee bit of caanaolive oil, and some cannabutter. holy crap!!! took about 45 minutes to kickin for me...
  10. E

    Marijuana, cancer, and moonshots

    Is it really THAT easy to reschedule cannabis? Marijuana, cancer and moonshots - Boulder Weekly
  11. greenisland

    Greenislands 5 Gallon Hydro Drip System

    Hi everyone! So this is a journal I started to show everyone how you can make a 5 gallon hydroponic drip system. The 5 gallon ebb and gro "2 gallon C.A.P. upgrade" journal was pretty popular so I thought I would make this journal on how to convert that system into a drip...or just make a drip...
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