1. N

    Glycemia, Cancer And The Munchies

    I am still learning how to bypass the high, which a lot of people here call the euphoria. The secret of that art is still a mystery to me. So after putting some drops under my tongue and later swallowing them, I got a nice buzz on. Then I got the munchies. So I started thinking about what...
  2. GreenH0rn

    Leaves are beeing eaten by bugs

    Hello everyone I have a problem with the leaves. Everyday there are more leaves with holes and i dont know why? Maybe because something is eating them? I dont know what to do. I dont see any bugs and i have looked everywhere. HELP! Im growing indoors (computer case), AUTO FEM Low Rider #2 3...
  3. J

    Eating bud

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to discover this, but it works quite well simply to eat a bud after drying. At least, it does with my Dinafem Diesel. I wanted to sample as it approaches complete maturity (and, in any event, this is obviously a plant that will be harvested in stages anyway)...
  4. preprodigy

    Whats the wildest and craziest food concoction you've ever made just bec your high?

    :welcome: Im hoping to get some ideas for delicious food combinations that i can eat while im high, not necessarily with thc in it, i dont wanna get that high haha, The man who smokes five blunts while satisfying his hunger with a plate full of cannabis brownies, drizzled them in hash oil...
  5. S

    Smell is an!

    Right now im on a random-drug policy, but that will soon be over and im gonna learn up on baking before the fun time comes. So i got the weed-butter thing in complete understanding, and that can be done outside. But baking with the butter will require insideness and an oven. Will baking lets-say...
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