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  1. F

    Are these spider mites bites? Need help!

    Hi, I dont know what the fuck is going on. Are these spider mite bites??? I've looked everywhere on the web and they do not seem like it. it seems to be happening to one plant only, but there are other marks like this on the other plants. I havent found any spots or any ''mites'' under the...
  2. J

    is something eating my new growth?

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  3. D

    Trouble With Edibles

    Back in the day I loved my brownies and other MM lased foods, but i had a Gastric Bypass 9 years ago and recently became legal in my state. So I have tried the foods offered and the oils as most everything they have with no effect? I know there are many forms of this surgery, mine is a true...
  4. WillysMom

    Have you ever gotten too sick from eating edibles

    Right now I am sweating and throwing up and dizzy. I ate some ABV (already been vaped) on a top of peanut butter and graham crackers. They were so good I couldn't stop eating them. Took it about 2 hours to hit me. It's almost 2am for me now....
  5. T

    Got worms eating the bottom of stock - Larvae in roots - Please help

    plants are dying worms eating bottom of stock ,larvy in root;s need help
  6. E

    Something is eating my leaves!

    Hello fellow growers, this is my first post/grow! I'm currently on day 25 of veg with some good old bag seed. I have been watching my plants closer the past few days because it looks like something is slowly eating my leaves. Iv checked on the leaves, under the leaves and everywhere possible and...
  7. SparkyMcHigh

    New Guy McHigh!

    Hello everybody call me McHigh. I've been a long time reader and wanted to document my first grow. I'm running 2x Mars 700w indoors with soil in a 12x9 bedroom. I built it yesterday and gotta say I'm pretty damn proud! Pics are in the thread. I look forward to picking your brains, maybe eating...
  8. T

    Help with closet grow

    hello all. i got seemore buds e book. i have a few questions. he mentions getting odor eating cfl bulbs. a few question about this. would odor eating lights cover the smell of 5 auto flower feminized plants, or would i still need a carbon filter? also in his book he says the pictures are taken...
  9. Curly Beaver

    Can eating raw cannabis cause elevated Potassium levels?

    Off the wall question of the day. I have been having some pretty severe leg cramps at night so my medical provider did some blood work and found I have a higher level of potassium that normal. Seems how I don't eat bananas she mentioned that eating green leafy vegetables could raise it as...
  10. F

    Eating wax?

    Hello everyone, my vape recently malfunctioned and I was wondering if anyone knew if it's possible to ingest wax? If so, any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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