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    Dinafam Cheese - Purple stems in hydro - Help please

    3 week old cheese clones under 600 watt LED full spectrum light. I'm using Maxigrow from general hydroponics right now at 460 ppms. Ph at 5.7-6.0. Flooding 5 times a day. Ebb flow. Clay pebbles as medium. Temperature high 77-78. Humidity 50-60. They started off very nicely everything green I did...
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    Ph regulator for organic hydroponic grow

    Hi, everyone! This is my first time posting, so I'll star with the details of my setup. What Strain is it?: AK-48 Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? : hybrid, not sure about percentages How Many Plants?: 3/veg, 3/flo Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage?: both If in Vegetative...
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