1. C

    Dark shiny leaves cupping problem: Help!

    Hi guys, so its muy first grow in mapito and i am having some trouble. I have a 400w hps. Let me say i already done some hydro grows buy only in clay Pebbles and never had this issue. Now, my plants are still young at around 3 weeks into veg, new growth is getting dark shiny leaves and are...
  2. L

    Cheap DIY fully automatic E&F with no electronic timers or mechanical pumps?

    Hello everyone! I am hoping to get some feedback on my first ever hydro plans. Im in the final weeks of my first MJ grow in soil and its going pretty well. I have decided that I want to try a hydro grow next time around. I think I have come up with a cheap, easy DIY, fully automatic ebb and...
  3. Teddy Edwards

    Would An Ebb & Flow Sub-Forum Be Useful?

    Hi Everyone We already have sub-forums under Hydroponic Gardening for Aeroponics and Deep Water Culture - DWC. We want to know from you whether a third sub-forum for Ebb & Flow would be useful. Please cast your vote in the poll above. Comments are also welcome. :thanks:
  4. Gardenseed

    My First Ebb & Flow Grow

    Hello my fellow 420 peeps, I am finally ready in material and confidence to attempt Ebb and Flow. Please keep in mind that I'm no professional, but I'm really motivated to do my best with presentation.
  5. D

    Ebb & Flow

    Can anyone please tell me what would be the best pot and size to use in a 3x3 ebb and flow tray. Thanks.
  6. ColoradoGriz

    Colorado Griz's - Ebb & Flow - Coco - LEC 630 - Grow Journal - 2016

    Colorado Griz's - Ebb and Flow - Coco - LEC 630 Grow Journal -2016 Thanks for stopping by, I've been away a long while but I'm back to check things out. I've only been growing for a few years now so this is all still a learning process for me. I'll spare you boring personal background stuff...
  7. steppedinds

    First week of flooding: Ebb & Flow

    for the fellow ebb and flow growers: for the first week after planting your rockwool cubes into your hydroton trays, how long do you set your timers? is every 3 hours at 6 minutes too much if the flood is halfway over the rockwool cubes? obviously there are not yet alot of roots outside the...
  8. knotspeeds88

    Knotspeeds - OG Kush & Bag Seed - 2016

    Hello everyone, it has been a while since I have been here but I am back now. I have a grow that I have already started. Be looking for my next grow with the seeds that have arrived today. Back to this grow for now though with pictures below. What strain is it? OG Kush / Bag seed Is it...
  9. N

    5 week of flower leaves turning yellow with brown tips n edges

    this started at the end of week 2 of flower its now week 5 and it's progressing. Im loosing leaves and stunted growth im using Botanicare nute, ebb n grow sys 3 1000wtt hps iv recently lowered my ppm from 1300 to 800 this is my first attempt with the ebb n grow if this crop cant be saved id like...
  10. psyence

    Psyentific Perpetual Harvest: Phase 1: Dream Queen Ebb & Flow 2010

    My perpetual harvest setup currently consists of 16 Purple Kush and 16 the Purps plants flowering and you may follow them here. In the mean time I setup this journal to follow the veg progress of the Dream Queen, so let's get to it shall we? :yummy: I've cloaked my small hall closet with mylar...
  11. psyence

    Psyence 1st Ebb & Flow of Purple Kush & the Purps 2010

    Indoor Ebb and Flow Hydroponic w/ Fox Farm Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom nutrients in a 30 gallon reservoir using 6" rockwool cubes and a ScrOG Strains: 16 Purple Kush (left) and 16 of the Purps (right) Flowering: 2 weeks in Lights: 400 watt HPS (left) and 400 watt MH (right)...
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