1. Tommygun93

    Biobizz light mix high run off E.C

    Hi guy just a quick one. First time using BioBizz light mix. And there worm Humus. Just planted clones. second feed and the run off E.C has come up quite high. input - 6.5PH 1.4E.C Output 7.5PH 4.9E.C only around a litre of water fed to plant since planting. I plan...
  2. DrTentgrow

    Rockwool - Help Please

    Hello I am starting some seeds in 1" rock-wool which I will be transplanting into aqua farms I have made a solution of spring water which has a E.C of 0.4 and put a splash of canna start nutrients to bring it up to a E.C of 0.9, i am used to using root riot cubes in soil which i never have any...
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