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  1. J

    Recommend me a chiller please

    Currently using a refrigerator setup that works pretty well. Next time around I was thinking of getting a chiller which would be more efficient and save me some space. The reviews I find online are all over the place especially for ecoplus brand. I want real world results from the people who...
  2. Whitehammer61

    Gavita Pro 1000e Series DE - Water Chilled 4XL RDWC - EnzoKush x Snow Monster

    ok so ran into some issues and upgraded some equipment, fixed a bunch of shit. Decided to start a new journal so here we go. Room 10'x6'x9' Strain Enzo kush x Snow monster (accidental breeding) Equipment Gavita Pro 1000e series DE Gavita Master EL1 Controller DIY 4XL 8Gal RDWC System...