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  1. M

    Yellowing leaves?

    This will be my third small batch of plants, and the first 2 were very successful. This time, my plants have yellowing at the leaf tips and along the very edges of the leaves. I know it must be a nutrient deficiency, as lighting and airflow are the same as the ones I have grown before. I am...
  2. B

    New at growing - Nutrient deficiency?

    This is my first time ever growing. I noticed little flying insects at my soil. I used neem oil to get rid of them. But now my plants are yellowing at the edges and are getting yellowish spots on them. Anyone know the problem and how to correct it? Also the stems are turning a purple color...
  3. Rider509

    Playing with a lux meter and reflectors

    Curious about how much light was hitting my plants I bought a light meter. I'm running a 600W MH during the veg stage. To take measurements I held the light sensor pointed up and at plant top level. Directly below the light I was getting 60,000 lux, but the light fell off to 35,000 lux on the...
  4. M

    Yellow edges - Could be over fert?

    First grow here, all is going good. I was wondering why some fan leaves are getting yellow edges. I am feeding with teas. they have alf alfa pellets, kelp meal, and some bat guano in them. I first noticed the yellowing after I had been away from the plants for a week. Did a couple water only...
  5. indochronic

    Baby plant problems

    whats up peps I have 2 different problems by the looks. 1 is with an auto and one with a photo. the pics arent the best couse of the led light, but the problem with this plant is yellowing at the edges. and as for this one the edges are pointing up (spikey like) I didnt check...
  6. CheWu

    Plant in distress - Need help

    Hey guys, i've had an accident recently that topped one of my girls. She recovered well, and new tops are growing like cray, but there is something weird going on on a few of the leaves on the new tops. Some leaves are curling upwards on the edges and i've also spotted a couple of holes on 1-2...
  7. D

    Seedling - Help me find what deficiency I have

    auto flower in 12 lt airpot 250 led bio light mix sorry for the camera quality, there is a little purplish dot in the center leaves are more dark greenish on the edges, looks super cool but I don't know if that's a problem. does my plant look healthy?